Oh Doctor Who

To the tune of "Danny Boy"


Basket Boom Boom


Oh Doctor WHO, my pipes, my pipes are failing.
And from my ass there's leaking a green goo.
Runs down my cheeks and legs and in my stocking,
Fairly soon, it will fill my shoe.

I haven't had a stiffy in a long time
And now my wife is demanding a screw,
She said if I could not get it up again,
I'd have to move in with someone like you.

And if you come, and take me to your hospital
And place my body in your operating room
I'll see the light, so bright above me
And I will know that I'll be better soon.

And I shall hear, you softly work above me
And your sweet voice will warmer softly cry,
It's Monday night the Hash Horn is calling
So I must go and leave this Wanker die.

I'll simply Hash, and leave this Wanker die.