Rhody Hashing

To the tune of "Makiní Woopie"


Basket Boom Boom


A little beer.
A down-down here.
I had to guzzle,
Now I feel queer.
Iím no physician.
Itís my suspician.
Rhode Island Hashiní

Along the trail,
Iím feeling pale.
I should have stayed I bed
And had more tail.
They say Iím lazy,
Maybe Iím crazy.
Rhode Island Hashiní

Once I was caught in shiggy,
Right up to my asshole.
Later on after down-downs,
Iím there pukiní out my soul.

I drank it once.
It sure felt nice,
But not too many,
Take my advice.
If youíre still williní
This fact is chilliní
Rhode Island Hashin