Run # 1401 – Monday, February 4th 2013
Start: Little Compton
Hare: Donkey Punch and Pubic Housing – Theme: Celebration of James Joyce’s birthday
Weather: 29 degrees, dry and the stars in the sky shone on us tonight
Pack of 6 or a 6 pack: Basket, Oozie, Rusty, SheMailMan, WIPOS, Wee Balls
Hash Shit: WIPOS

This trail was a long way out on the point of Little Compton, you could see Rusty’s house straight across the Sakonnett only a mile away as the crow flies. However, since Rusty ain’t no AssQuack he can’t fly and had to follow the road for 18 miles to get to the start.

It was a real dark night and the start was at a very small parking lot easily missed by the hash vehicles motoring on by, well done Oozie. The hares explained trail and told us not to expect much. However, we were going to be pleasantly surprised with the location of the whiskey stop, it was beside a lake with the reflection of the stars mimicking the sky as a gentle breeze ruffled our hats as we read some Joyce with headlights donned.

T’was virgin trail for most of us, in fact it was a first time visit to Little Compton for some. The six pack made it’s way along nicely marked trail, encountering some bushwhacking in the usual Donkey tradition which included those 90 degree turns that are only known to seasoned RIH3 members. Pubic opted to be at the back of the pack for fear of losing someone, we asked her to move up front in the hopes of losing WIPOS but it failed.

We covered a few miles in freezing cold temps, had a beer stop and headed back to the car park. The circle was reminiscent of some tale of wizardry as we stood in the midst of a carved up deer that some hunter had recently taken down. The feet were over there and the rest was over at another place, we were somewhere in between not feeling at all comfortable with our surroundings. Next thing you know there is some guy driving a blue car and shining a light in our direction, was he looking for his deer or was he looking for us? Donkey opted to be the point person, but the guy took off as soon as he saw Donkey making the move. The circle finished, someone got the hashshit and promised to do a write up, they never did.

We retired to Wally’s, again. A table for five was quickly set as Basket, Rusty, Wipos, Donkey and Pubic took to chairs. The waitress informed us that the kitchen was closing in mere minutes but we could order anything from the menu so long as it was an appetizer and it needed to be deep fried………..calamari all round.