Run # 1405 - Lincoln Wood, Lincoln, RI

Date: March 14, 2013

Start: the Lodge Pub and Eatery

Hare: Dog Meat

Weather: Not too bad considering we still had a foot of snow in da woods

The Pack: OOzing, Rusty, Hairy Krishner, WHO, Basket, Ass Quack, Crabby, Shemale, FloBalls, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore, and a few more lost to memory.

Guess WHO had been scheduled for this trail when at the very last minute, pulling an OOzie, he asked Dog Meat to cover his arse. Now that's a pretty good big request, but I guess DM has something special for you know WHO, and considering this is her Virgin Haring, it must have been something special

The trail started out behind the Lodge with some complaining that the homeowner just down the hill complained that we went through his yard. The fact is, we didn't go through his yard then and we were not going through his yard tonight either, so stop complaing ya fucks. Yer like a bunch of old ladies. The trial continued northerly along some lovely trails before bushwhacking into some shiggy. Crossing many streams and marshlands, a field of foot deep snow, and more swamps before finding beer a half mile south of the Sherman Avenue.

The Hare had had enough of the shite and made her way back to the Lodge for a pint. Her accomplice, Basket, along with WIPOS and Flo, puppy in hand, got lost in the swamp and made it to the beer stop just as the last of the jugs were drying out. A few songs were song as we finished our beers and them started out southbound to the Lodge.

More shiggy pits and streams were crossed before finding the parking lot and the pack circled up. DD's to the Virgin Hare, her co-Hare and a few others, including WHO who was too busy to lay, but not to you hear ATHLETE

We adjourned to the Lodge where they were waiting for us, having heard our singing accross the way. Food and a beer later, we made our way home.