Run # 1406 - Curtis Corner, Piece Dale

Date: March 11, 2013

Start: Curtis Corner School

Hare: Ass Quack and Crabby Shag

Weather: Cold and fuckin far far away

The Pack: OOzing, Rusty, Hairy Krishner, WHO, Pussy Galore, Fuwangii, Basket, Ass Quack, Crabby, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Wee Balls, and a visitor WHOm I've forgotten but he was very friendly with Wee Balls.

I don't think we could have been farther from Woonsocket, home of Bondo Jovi and the homebrew center of the world, than the start of this week's Hash. AssQ must have considered the cost of footing the beer stop with a shit load of hounds, weighed the cost of the bull shit he'd have to endure by laying trail so far from the rest of the known world, and said, "Fuck It!"

There was an email or tree about going to the new Rock Spot for some vertcal excercise before tonight's Hash. Rusty and Oozing thought this week ('s) Hare would put in a short shitty trail as he has recently, and thought they'd get in some real excercise before the start. They roped up at 5pm at the gym while the rest of the working world was just starting out on the epic ride. Pulling into to Middle School lot, we did find some Harpoon to help revieve us while waiting around for the rest of the pack. The climbers showed up at just 6:30 for the start and we were off.

The trail led us through a nature walk and out towards the bay, where beer was found at a beautiful overlook. There was much singing and rejoycing as we enjoyed IPA and orange food. A light breeze from the water quickly made the sweat I had acquired running behind Pussy turn to a chill. We all pressed ourselves together to save heat and enjoyed the beverage and company in the dark waning moonlight..... Whoops! Flash Back two months ago...wrong trail. No, this one went out to the street, and continued for about 6 miles. It seems once Crabby Shag got the taste of marathon'in, she's trying to convice the pack that it'd be good for us. Remember this, 'Drinking Club with a Running Problem", more drinking / less problem.

At mile 6.9 the trail took a turn into a nature trail, a pleasant respit to our sore feet, and the hope of beer near. Unfortunately, we had another mile or tree before the golden nectar would be found. There were a few swamp bridges and meandering trails that could have made for a good Hash. Add a couple beer stops, some Thai ladies from Tinker land, a few more degrees higher in temperature, and it may have been perfect. but I degress. We eventually did find the beer stop and enjoyed a well deserved cold one. Songs were song and before we knew it, it was time to go.

Few of us had to stamina to keep the blistering pace of the first part of the trail, so a few decided to carry one for the road and walk in along the bike path. The Hares were deciding where to circle up, when the local police stopped to ask what we were doing in the school parking lot so late at night. Shemale decided to explain the events of the night and gave him our website to check out....and this was before the circle....duhhhhh!

We we discussing the intelligence of the pack while letting the officer make his way back from the rear lot and waved him a good night. Then we circled up on the other side of the bike path and the bullshit began. Too long, pavement, no shiggy, shit beer, no know the story. The Hare's got their just deserts, as did the virgin and others for various offenses. The Hashit was given to somebody WHO thought his prose was not Hash-worthy. HELLO??? Do you see WHO these Einsteins are? Just put it to paper. Nobody will read it except Snotty. After swinging low, we made our way to The Muse for a pint, then we called it a night and made our way home