Run # 1410: WHO's Next Hash
Date: 4/8/13
Hare: Dr. Who
Location: Monstary of 114
Weather 65 degrees and clear
Hashit: Wee Balls
Present: Who, Basket, Wee Balls, Assquack, Crabby Shack, Hairy Krishna, Rusty, WIPOS, Donkey Punch, Amish, Wee Balls, Luxury Box, Pussy Galore

The Trail:
Let me set the scene. It was a beautiful early spring evening. Many people out walking, cycling, playing children and a couple throwing a Frisbee which WHO could not remove eyes from her back side and Wee Balls scared away with one look.

Laughter and birds chirping was in the air when we embarked at a WHO prompt 6:30 departure. At the first check the pack went straight and right, wee balls went left with Crabby (This is when it becomes wee balls march of Cumberland)

As I head on into the woods thinking I could skirt a little shiggy and meet the pack farther in, Crabby quickly gives up on a false trail and turns back to meet up with the pack. Not I, I push on not wanting turn double back because that would be a waste of time. I can hear the pack calling ONON to my right so at the next trail junction I head east toward the calls of trail.

As I follow the groomed trail and pass by pedestrians I continually to get odd looks. I start to wonder why? Between scaring away the Frisbee couple and these unhappy looks, I start to think is something wrong with me? Are my balls showing? Does my nose hair need to be trimmed? Or is it because I am wearing a headlight and the sun is still out??

then all of a sudden I hear ONON called but it is faint and behind me. So I think maybe the pack will loop back around to the other side and I head West. Deeper and deeper I go into the shiggy, looking for marks but none are found. then I stumble upon a clearing and the quarry. I figure the beer stop must be near due to the great over look and past history of beer stops. But knowing WHO it will not be in a obvious location. I head south, thinking the pack will be coming from this direction.

While rimming the quarry I take note of a possible future hash. Then I take a left, right, another right then a left and end up at a funeral home on 114.

Realizing that you are going to miss the beer stop is a real down felling. Thinking of all the free beer not going to be able to intake, the songs not going to sing, the hash antics you will not be apart, a tears flows down my cheek and I decide to head back to the cars and wait. During this time I am not paying attention to my surrounds thinking I am heading the correct direction.

I realize I am nearing Central Falls when I turn a corner and see a large U HAUL sign a street sign of the street I have been walking on, Mendon road. At this point all I know is I am not on 114 and probably walking further form my destination. Do I back track all the way back to the quarry? Or push and see where I end up? As I think I see an elderly woman walking her dog an I decide to ask for directions.

As I approach to ask for directions I notice this person is not Basket elderly, but old and might be on the senile side of the boat. So I approach cautiously not wanting to frighten and scare away my only chance saving. Her dog starts to bark, she turns, I smile and wave trying and in my most southern hospitable tone ask where is the Monastery. It turns out she has bad hearing but very nice and gives my excellent details directions back to the Monastery.

To wrap this up, I pound pavement uphill for a mile, take a quick cat nap in the truck waiting for the pack, circle up and I got the hashit.

P.S. Donkey notes: "Run started with all the Harettes showing their skills at horn blowing."

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