And a view from Ireland.

A very warm evening, a little humid in the dense forest areas, there was some shiggy, an HB stop had some concoction with Honey in it, nice beer stop where we stood in the lake to cool off and wait for those at the back of the pack, PG never made it to the Beer Stop, 3 visitors, 1 neked virgin (made SheMale happy), 1 returnee (Re'Tard) one person locked their keys in their car. PG got hashshit because SHE wanted it, we almost called a med flight helicopter for WIPOS, the pack was about 13, oh and by the way we actually built a dog house and stuffed WIPOS in it. Bondo gave it a 16 rating, we carried out the circle duties in reverse, comments on the run came at the end as we waited for the hare to recover and join us in said circle. We went to the bar and sat at a table that had a card on it that read "reserved", we had linen tablecloths and linen napkins, WIPOS sat at the bar and pretended to ignore us, Harpoon on tap, Hairy put a pickle in my beer, Basket put a ketchup container in WHO's beer but it was too big and did not reach the golden nectar, uneventful 65 minute drive home.

Next time I am going to call in sick or as was suggested we might actually set up an alternate run on any night that WIPOS is booked to set trail in the future.

On-On till the beer runs dry