Location: Park n Ride, Exit 7, You know where that is.
Run #: 603
Date: June 3rd 2013
Pack: Dr. WHO, Basket, Hairy, Rusty, Shemale, Bondo, Buddy the Dog, PG, Pubic,Two Polar Bears, LB. Others probably Rusty did not give me the signup sheet.
Hashit: Wee Balls

I am a week late writing this up since Rusty did not give me the signup sheet and Ctrl+Alt+Insert still does not work.

Here is what I recall from trail:
∑ Directions to trail where short and specific, Exit 7 car park. Seems easy to know where to go since we have set trail there a billion times and it was not a hint of virgin territory.
∑ Shared a new (401) IPA with the pack, but it is brewed in CT.
∑ Amazed how well our shortcut worked and found the beer stop extremely early.
∑ Shared a beer with a stranger and tried to recruit. I blame PG for not showing any body part to convince the recruit to cum again.
Thatís it, nothing else stands out.