Location: Burrillville Middle School.
Run #: 610
Date: June 10 2013
Hare: Basket
Pack: WHO, WIPOS, Bondo, Retard and some runners, Assq, Rusty, Crabby and Buddy the dog
Hashit: Rusty, Assq and Crabby
Basket was the hare
Pouring rain all afternoon and night

A check beside a baseball field with a game in action led to shouts from the coaches about getting the hell out of the way.

A stranger with an umbrella helped out the late arrivers from "the Island", are you guys doing a cross country run? a treasure hunt? Rusty got the general direction from the gent and headed off to the bush, Crabby arrived a short time later and agreed about the treasure hunt and got directions too. Why would one stand in the rain in the outfield to watch the game, weird!! But, then again so is running across said baseball field in search of flour.

On the far side of the field we were soon in the bushes, trail followed the worn path in the woods, being one that arrived late (6:33pm) meant one was treated to the marks that indicated true trail. However, how could Retard and WHO be so far ahead? The answer was simple, we did a loop that only became apparant after concluding said loop, the bridge over the river was reminiscent of a real bad carpentry project & the trio from the Island ran for 30 minutes non-stop before they caught up with the aformentioned athlethes, a fate that is unusual in of itself.

Familiar country was at hand, as we ran along a narrow embankment and down towards the raging river, was this the same tranquil setting that had us meander down the ebbing flow using noodles last summer? Well, tonight your noodle would have been useless, as the water flow brought comments of "I've never seen anything so big" or "Wow, it's huge tonight". The beer stop was under the bridge for the 150th time, we admired the cascade of water and the exposed rebar supporting the traffic above our heads & we promissed to return with dragon boats to see what would happen.

A short stroll later had us at the cars, Retard was convinced that we were really going to Ocean Mist, WIPOS really did go to the Ocean Mist but then he went to Baskets and was late for the circle. The hare did his duty, and read a song until the light went out. The Island Trio were given the hash shit, WHO said that Dragon Boat practice is Imminent, WHOever that is. We retired to chez Dog Meat, WHO went upstairs and lay in the bed, Mom was there to greet us and welcome us back, DogMeat had a massive spread of food, we ate, we drank, and we all got wet tonight.