Run # 1422 Monday, July 1 2013
Start: Canonchet Rd, Rockville, RI
Hare: OOzing
Weather: wet and drying out slowly
Hounds Basket, Rusty, SheMailMan, WIPOS, Wee Balls, Tinker, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, WHO
Hash Shit: Basket

Most of the pack found space in the small lot off Canonchet Rd, but WIPOS, Donkey and I had to settle for th lot 1/4 mile down the road. I decided to see if there may be a short-cut by taking the yellow blazed trail out of the lot. Donkey, Pubic and WIPOs went down to the small lot to join the pack.
The trail from the small lot went easterly towards the swamp. It traversed out to a field, around some small boulders and everyone was lost in short order just before the swamp. Tinker short-cut back to the cars and enjoyed a beer while the pack tried to find true trail. Shemale and Rusty called OnON after finding flour and the Hare hiding in some shiggy pit.
Meanwhile, I was on the Long Pond Woods Trail heading off in the opposite direction. If you haven't done this trail, I highly recommend it, but since I found no flour or beer, I suggest you bring your own.
The trail goes over, around and through rocky outcroppings, shear cliffs and deep ravines covered in moss. The terminus is on North Road and covers about a mile 1/2 or more. I found the marker for the Ells Pond overlook and a trail sign indicated there was parking down a rocky face. I soon found myself on a long trail out to the lot on a dirt road. This road eventually to me to a paved road, and not knowing where I was I knocked on the first house I found.
There was a pickup truck parked outside, with hunter stickers, various things about the unkempt yard and a dog barking through the window. I decided to move on to the next house. A three year old answered the door and her father was soon telling her to get away from the door. Explaining my situation and asking if he might let me call Dog Meat to notify the Hash that I'd be out after dark after being told I was 2 1/2 miles from the start at 7:30 and darkness would be arriving before I arrived.
He offered to pack his 2 kids and drive me back. The pack saw me being dropped off and I was the obvious choice for Hashit. OnOn was at a bar and then we went home. That's all I remember.