Run # 1424 - New House Hash July 15, 2013
Location: Polo Fields, Middletown, RI
Hare: Ass Quack and Crabby Shag
Weather: Warm and Sunny
Hounds: Rusty, WIPOS, Basket, Dog Meat, WHO, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore, Wee Balls, OOzing, Shemale, and two visitors with one baby (?names)
Hash Shit: WIPOS

Dog Meat and I arrived late and the pack had already left the polo grounds. Pussy arrived just after and Easy Entry and another harriet from Rotten Groton did too. This was far from new territory and I was sure I could catch the pack if I shortcut the trail. I quickly changed clothes and Pussy and I ran off northerly in the direction of the horse barns. Dog Meat was just behind the Groton Girls, when one of them twisted her ankle, so DM used her nursing skills to help her back to the cars.

PG and I ran out to the bay, confident that I could shortcut and catch the pack. Ass Quack was sweeping and laying trail behind me, and Pussy followed an arrow following a creek. I ran along the shore, until I decided to turn around and find DM and PG. Instead I found the check marked up the creek and eventually ran into Pussy as she was going back on to the sport field.

We could see WIPOS in front of us and found flour on the rocks leading into the nature trail. After crossing Sandy Point Avenue, we could hear the pack in front of us and PG and I ran left around the electric fence. WIPOS ran the opposite direction. We eventually caught up with the pack at the beer stop. It was on the trail the cows take back to go the barn, over the bridge and in the woods, where Fuwangii had previously set his beer stop.

Beer and cheezy food was made available, and we sang songs entertaining the visitors. The baby was sleeping, but mom and dad had some concern about the plentiful misquitos and spent most of the time swatting them. WIPOS and Dog Meat were nowhere to be seen. When the beer was almost gone and the 'skeeters were getting the best of us, we followed the Hare's direction and started out in the opposite direction of the cars.

The Circle was going to be at the Hare's new home and since this was new territory we followed trail closely. I was behind OOzing and suddenly WIPOS appeared. We ran out to Bramans Lane and left on Wapping Road. Crabby was out in the driveway waving us in. There was a bucket of beers and after AQ went back to pick up Dog Meat and any stragglers, we circled up.

The Hares got a DD, as did the visitors and WIPOS received Hashit for being late and going in the wrong direction. Inside, Crabby had prepared some meat and non-meat dishes and Ass Quack burned some burgers on the barbi. After the food and house tour we left them to do what people do in new houses.