Run # 1425 the Last Waltz Weekend July 19-22 2013
Location: Pig Iron aka Gilmanton Iron Works, NH
Hare: Tinker
Weather: Warm and Sunny
Hounds: Rusty, WIPOS, Dog Meat and Basket, Bondo, Just Big Shit and Buddy, Pick Wrong Guy, Mr. Rogers and Gracie Basket, The Fat One and Sweet Molasses, Retard and Pat My Retard, and Short Shorts
Hash Shit: Bondo

A few upstanding Rhody Hashers showed up at Tinkers on Friday night to enjoy some Thai food, Bondo Brew, Bushmills, and the wide sky of New Hampshire along a bubbling brook, croaking frogs and barking spiders. It was an idyllic scene straight from the pen of Grace Metalious. Bondo explained the intricacies of a home brew, JBS explained the fine notes of Irish Whiskey, and Rusty explained why mixing the two was brilliant, while Tinker enjoy the libation and SS, finger waving in air, could only say, "John" in her delicate and ethereal voice, and Pat My Retard read Peyton Place to the wee hours. Sleep came quickly for the medicated, but about 3 am, WIPOS arrived, knocked on the locked slider, trying to wake Rusty on his cot, but it wasn't happening, so he spent the rest of the night in his car....morning came too soon.

Coffee, some breaky and a short beer gave Rusty an opportunity to visit the Thrift Shop early and scoop up his finds before the hordes of Hashers expected to arrive, in a few hours. First to arrive was Retard, followed by Basket and Dog Meat, then Mr. R and family and finally TFO and SM. It was noon somewhere and all started in where it ended last night. The beer was cold and the temperature was perfect for a dip in the river.

Bondo was serving up his IPA and telling his story of helping the Hare lay trail until Buddy, still a bit young for the trail, caused him to return to camp. The trail, he said, was the 'Runners' and it was short. he left Tinker to continue on as he returned to enjoy his beer with the new arrivals. An hour and a half later, Tinker was still not in sight and Bondo was concerned, because he did the bulk of the trail and all Tinker had to do was lay flour back to his house. Since we had just finished a beer and it was starting to get close to the 3 pm start, we decided to see if we could find him. Bondo ran up river to where he thought T may be travelling. Rusty drove down Elm Street. Retard drove Basket towards the snow mobile bridge over the river, where he would run in the direction of where Bondo left him. Tinker was found, sweating profusely, walking down Route 140, with his empty flour bag and looking miserable. He needed a beer quick. Back at 23 Elm, a beer was opened and he sat in the river. His story was he was lost and ran out of flour. He had to adapt and overcome his situation, and decided to think about it over a beer. This could be 'Run of the Week". Short Shorts brought out some Thai food, Bondo passed around another pint and we all rested for was sure to be an interesting afternoon.

At 3 pm sharp, we loaded into cars for the short drive to the start. The walkers were dropped off at the church opposite the Pine Grove Cemetery and the runners were driven a half mile further to Camp Fatima. It was getting very hot and as the camp was on Upper Suncook Lake, there was sure to be plenty of shiggy, maybe a swim and possibly a boat ride. Things were looking pretty good at this point, as Rusty, Basket, WIPOS and Mr R were dropped off at the Camp Directors hut just inside the gate. Tink gave him a wink and said a few words as we ran off on flour, going past the gate towards Elm Street. We could almost smell the moisture from the lake and with the sun pushing temperatures into the 90's, all we could think of was soaking our bodies in the lake and our throats in beer.

Unfortunately, the trail led us away from the lake into a sand pit. A falsie caught me and WIPOS at a falsie and we ran off after the rest of the pack. At the next check I went left and continued on without marks for some time. I thought I heard WIPOS horn off in the woods to the left, so when I hit the road, I went left for about a half mile. Nothing! So I went back to the road to Camp Fatima and continued on to Pine Grove Cemetery, where I picked up trail again. By now, the heat and lack of nourishment had drained what energy I had and my travel was more a walk, stumble, walk, stumble along a dirt road. I lost trail at a clear-cut area, finding nothing but a flour bag stuck on a tree, so I back tracked to the last road and made my way back to Tinkers. Walking in the back yard, I found it empty. Not a sole. I wanted to open a beer and wait for the pack, but instead ran along the river to the snowmobile bridge. As I started uphill from there, I thought better about trying to find the pack and went back to Tinkers, only to find the pack there or on the road looking for me.

The beer stop was at an old cemetery in the woods and they drove back. We circled in the water and enjoyed the cooling effect of water and beer. Ratings were too high for a run with no shiggy and too hot, but they lost Basket, and the Hare, so it got a 6.9 positive. Bondo got Hashit. Tinker lost his wallet and tried to pull a tree out of the water so Bondo could burn it. There was plenty of food and a delicious selection of beers to choose from. The bonfire was well cared for, there were songs and floating for hours, until, slowly, one by each we made our way to sleep.

Morning again, found Mr R cooking a breakfast of eggs and last night brats and assorted left-overs. Mr R and Pic Wrong Guy, along with Pat My Retard and Rusty joined Dog Meat and I at the lake, where Rusty and I got in some climbing at Rumney. The others baked in the sun. Tinker offered to take the others for a hike, but I don't know about that. Then we all went home.