Location: Wally’s Tap at the Corner of Crandall and Bulgarmarsh Roads in Tiverton.
Run #: 1326
Date: July 29, 2013
Hare: Dr. Who’s Re-hash trail – basket woods
Pack: Basket, Rusty, PG, Pubic, Donkey Punch, Dog Meat, Crotch Tiger, Wee Balls, Retard, Wipos, Bareback Butt Plug, The Amazing Cum, Re-Tard Dumpster, oozing
Visitors: Just Ashley
Virgin: Just Myelene
Hashshit: Donkey

The Good doctor set yet another trail starting from Wally’s Tap house in Tiverton. At the start was a decent number of hashers with a good number of harriettes, including the triumphant return of the Amazing Cum Dumpster, a Virgin harriette and a visitor from the great state of Connecticut. In addition to the gathering of hashers for the run were a good number of classic car enthusiast. Who were duly impressed with Rusty's Toyota.

The pack was off promptly at 6:30, however Basket Boom Boom and several other had not yet arrived. The trail generally circle jerked through the adjacent woods and led back toward the Tiverton middle school. The trail was basically long and straight (unlike many Rhode Island hashers) with too many bugs. As the pack wound around the trails and fields surrounding the middle school, Baskets horn could be faintly heard in the distance. We later were informed that Dog meat had joined him but made the inconsolable mistake of following wipos into the adjacent swamp (know as Baskets Swamp).

The only highlight I can recall on the trail was that one check was marked in flour as “WMD was ON-ON” Suggesting that Dr. Who actually sent whole miner’s daughter out on Sunday to set trail and giving him and excuse for such a shitty trail.

After what seemed like an eternity of long straight flat, dry trails, a beer check was set at a small watering hole under the power lines. Decent beer and orange food were plentiful and the Tiverton high school marching band could faintly be heard in the distance. It inspired the hash to a resounding round of WHO is going to make my rhubarb rise. The virgin was amused to tears by our selection of songs, so much so that we conjectured that it may have been the first time she ever heard a curse word. At some point a ruckus was heard coming through the wood along the trail. The pack was convinced that it was a sasquatch, but in fact was only a sas-crotch, as crotch tiger short cut from the parking lot directly to the beer check. It was agreed that her trail was probably better than the marked trail.

As the singing progressed, the pack began – Aloutette. However, Basket decided that rather the Aloutette one of the lovely harriettes, the lovely visitor or virgin (which would have made the most sense), he decided to Aloutte Re-tard. A first at the RI hash and apparently a new low.

After the beer stop, the trail continued to the end circle in Basket woods. The trail was rated to be a -69 with little complaining, the visitor sang a song and the virgin told a joke. 95% of hashers at the circle were nominated for hashshit, however it was given to Donkey “for causing all the trouble”. The trail was an a-b so the pack had to find its own way back to Wally’s Tap house. Rusty claimed to know a short cut that ended up being a trudge through waist deep briers that caused permanent scaring (but I am not one to complain).

The on-in was at Wally’s and the food and company was what you would expect at Wally’s