Location: Burriville Middle School
Run #: 1433
Date: Sept 9th 2013
Hare: W.I.P.O.S.
Pack: Dr. WHO, Basket, Hairy, Wee balls, Lola the Pooch, Shemale, Retard, PG.
Visitors: Just Pat
Hashit: PG

Apparently I have managed to miss every other start at this place. I should have known it would be an ill-fated run when I arrived to find a sausage fest. If the other Harriets stayed away, they clearly knew something I did not.
The run started with the pack trying to lure Basket and Retard away from the middle school open house.
Well marked (by someone else) trails through the woods soon ended and we were tromping through the brush.
Lola the Pooch was not amused by this in the least.
Then the Hare sent us along a deer trail perpenDICKular to 45 degree slope, which warmed all our ankles up for the rocky river crossings later on.
It soon became apparent that the Hare was setting as we went. That wanker.
Still it was a lovely evening, not too hot and all that, so I actually found the whole damn thing not that bad. Even with the lecherous glances from all the Hashers. I knew I could out run nearly all of them.
Then, I was gingerly sloshing across the damn river for the second time and a mis-step shot that whole plan straight to Hell. Or maybe that was where the Hare was planning on taking us. Regardless, I then had to limp along for the rest of the trail.
Which ended up being mercifully short.
At least the low number of Hashers and prevalence of damn river crossings ensured that there was lots of beer and I could put the offended ankle into the water for the entirety of the beer stop.
Then we all attempted to follow the Hare back on the Unmarked trail through the woods to the cars.
No one was lost or arrested (Hi Middle Schoolers!!) and we circled up Chez Basket where Dog Meat was quick to whisk me off for a very thorough physical exam.
Originally Shemale was given the Hashit, but the men had been jabbering on for so long that all of Dog Meatís cooking was getting cold and my ankle was pissing me off almost as much as they were so I took it from him to spare us the detailed relation of his recent engagement.

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