Location: Weet-a-moo woods
Run #: 1436
Date: October 7, 2013
Hare: Assy & Crabby
Pack: Basket, Rusty, PG, Pubic, Donkey Punch, Wipos, OOzing, Bondo Jovi, weeBalls,
Hash dog: buddy
Visitors: Just big swish ( spot)
Virgin: Just Jess
Hashshit: Bondo

The small parking lot filled quickly, just as the last bit of sun filtered through the trees. It was a cool night and we were all itchin' to get on trail. Crabby Shag gave the visitors chalk talk and we were soon skipping around the trail head gate. A check sent us in two directions. Basket ran straight to a false trail mark and back-tracked to the check. The bulk of the pack found true trail on a parallel tail running south, so he turned around and ran past the false trail mark found earlier. The pack could be hear off to his right, but soon faded in the darkness. Eventually he, not hearing pack and fearing he may be on the wrong track, he turned around, only to run into WHO, who knew exactly where he was going.

The pack was heading into the Quaker Creek Swamp and he didn't want anything to do with that. Basket and WHO continued running southerly, splitting up at the intersecting trails, but always joining again down the path.

The trail seemed to take a counter-clockwise rotation, in the woods, and WHO guessed the beer stop may be found at either the gas line or somewhere on Lafayette Road, as Crabby had the beer in a knapsack. We continued on until we ran into the "B". The good news was we arrived at the beer stop in about 20 minutes. The bad news was the beer and Hare were nowhere to be found, and it seemed that they and the remainder of the pack may not be there for some time.

We looked around to see if the Hares had planted any beer, but we had no luck, so we found ourselves a soft rock to sit upon and waited. Eventually, a light was seen piercing the trees and WHO and I hid behind a tree. When Crabby arrived she was bending over to drop the sack when WHO jumped out of the bushes. I'm sure her scream was heard miles away. Despite the shock, she graciously gave us a beer, while we waited for the pack to arrive.

Rusty was first to arrive, followed by most of the pack, except OOzing, Bondo and Buddy. We all enjoyed a beer or twa waiting for the Wankers and singing songs. Bondo and Buddy arrived and joined the festivities, until most of the beer was consumed. Bondo decided to start our early and went of into the darkness along the trail. WHO decided it would be quicker to retrace our run, and we set off in the opposite direction, where we eventually ran into OOzing. Back at the cars we circled up, just as Bondo was arriving with a bag full of Fucks. His trail took him out to pavement and he wasn't too thrilled about that. The Hares got their down-down, the visitor and virgin and then WIPOS arrived, late again. Donkey got Hashit and we travelled to Wallys for some food and beer.