Location: Cumberland Monastary
Run #:1437
Date: Oct 14, 2013
Hare: Retard
The Pack: Basket, WHO, Rusty, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, OOzing, WIPOS, WeeBalls, Dog Meat, Pubic Housing, Donkey Punch, Pussy Galore, Crotch Tiger, Amish, Easy Entry, Floozing, Bi-Noc and others
Hashit: WHO knows?

The Hare said he'd be having free coffee and donuts in the Senior Center while waiting for the pack to arrive. It was Columbus Day, however, and with the center being closed, he was sitting by himself, on a log, as WHO pulled into the Cumberland Library parking lot. Basket and Dog Meat arrived next, followed by Ass Quack and Crabby Shag. The company didn't deter Retard, as he continued talking to himself. It was an interesting conversation, but clearly one sided.

The pack of Hounds grew steadily, as darkness enveloped us and a pre-trail beer was enjoyed by those WHO were so inclined. Harpoon was the beer of choice from the Hare, while the Rotton Groton group brought their own cheap AB swill. With memories of previous Retard trails, questions of adequate quantity beer and possible beer stop locations for short-cutting were made. The Hare mitigated our concerns with comments about being plenty of beer, but hesitated at the last minute on specific locations of where the beer stop might be found.

At 6:30, we were off promptly, traveling through the gate and onto the walking path, where the first check was found. The pack split up, with Donkey, Basket, and some of the visitors going northerly, taking a counter-clockwise direction, while WHO and company went left along the paved path going clockwise and a third group went straight into the fields in the center. At the next intersection, I, mistakenly, went right again and finding no flour, continued on thinking the Hare may have gone towards the swamp, the only wet area here, after his comment previously about getting his feet wet. I was off trail and alone for some time before cuming to my senses and working my way toward the quarry overlook. I was sure the beer would be found there.

Four was found in the field, but lost again as I ran into the woods. Working my way westerly along well familiar paths, I could hear singing off in the distance. It wasn't long before I joined the pack, and the Asshole song began. Beer was enjoyed by all and a good song-fest was in full swing. Easy sang one we haven't heard before and wish I could have remembered it, but most were from the RIH4 repertoire. With the empty bottles finding their way back into the sack, we slowly made our way back to the start, most walking along the path, talking and sipping what was left in their bottles.

The circle was formed in an abandoned shed, found in the woods. It had evidently not been used in some time, with some of the floor rotting away into the cellar, but the roof and walls perfectly amplified our stellar singing voices. The Hare received a positive 69 for adequate beer, plenty of flour, interesting trail (for the visitors), with some negative comments by WHO, WHO short-cut directly to the beer stop along the walking trail, "no creativity, too short, too much paved surface and poor choice of company". The visitors and back-sliders enjoyed a beer DD as did the Hashit, WHOever that was. We then traveled to The Lodge for refreshments and then home for the night, with all patting Retard on the back for a job well done.