Location: Riverpoint Park, West Warwick
Run #:1438
Date: Oct 21, 2013
Hare: Weeballs
The Pack: Basket, WHO, Fuwangii, Rusty, Ass Quack, OOzing, Tinker, WIPOS, Easy Entry, Floozing, Bi-Noc and others
Hashit: WHO remembers? I think it was WIPOS and so it was

I'll be the first to admit it ain't easy remembering what happened at the Hash so long ago. Hell, breakfast is a blur, so I may forget WHO was there and some of the particulars, but this is all you're going to get, unless the Hashit or some wankin' volunteer steps up.

We were to meet at the skate park located somewhere in Riverpoint Park. Note to Hare: if there ain't no signs for the area, give us another clue. I drove around and through the park, turning around on a one way street and even left the park and drove back in looking for something. Finally, after just following the one way signs, I spied the pack's vehicles parked at the end of the last parking lot. Maybe that may have been better directions, WHO knows?

The Hare warned us to bring a change of shoes, as the river was cold and wet, and being a soon-to-be daddy, he was practicing his paternal insticts....nice! The trail meandered more than a dog in heat looking for a little sumthin sumthin. Mostly bushwhack or at best flood plain, the marks on trees were found in more than one direction and despite the river being, mostly, on our left, we searched for hours uprooting trees shrubs and flower. OOzing found trail straight on, WHO found flour at waters edge, Fuwangii thought he saw a mark across the river and all of us finally converged on the Hare standing close to a tree lying into the rushing flow. A freshly laid arrow sent all of us knee deep into the cold water. The bushwhack continued in earnest and someone called out "Beer!". As we all gathered and searched, the bush for our reward, OOzing could be heard climbing the 30 foot outcropping over our heads. Finally he admitted to stealing the beer for himself and clambered up the rocky face, bag of beer in hand, bum leg and all. I followed, and to my surprise, it was not an easy climb. I don't know how he did it holding the bag and using one hand and one good leg.

Soon we were enjoying the beer, singing and making jokes of the lights on the other side of the river, far below our feet. The late cumers hesitated to cross the water, and to their defense, it was considerably deeper at that point then where we crossed. We could hear WIPOS' horn, and guessed there were a few from RGH3 and maybe a bimbo or tree from RIH3, trying to find a suitable crossing point, without the help of good marking. Eventually, WIPOS and Easy made it to the top and we continued our antics. When the beer was gone, we asked the Hare where to go next, and his reply was, "I don't know. I left the beer down there and the trail is along the river." Down climbing did not seem to be a good idea, so most of us starting running in the direction of some houses, where a street may take us in the general direction. We got to a back yard and Easy had no trepidation in running through. I followed her and the pack was soon on my ass. I turned left, downhill, and found a trough running down a gully and thought it may take us toward the river. Unfortunately, it was filled with large round wet slippery boulders with deep crevasses between them. It was not easy and Easy was almost in tears....Tinker was.

Complaints were flying faster than farts on a Tuesday morning. Weeballs blamed OOzing for stealing the beer, OOzing blamed the Hare for poor marks, but we all, eventually, made it to the river. The crossing here could have been easier. I found thigh-deep water going left around a fallen tree, but the bulk of the pack went right and had to negotiate the sunken branches, deep holes and waist to chest deep water. On the other side, Fuwangii was running toward us, as he chose to down-climb and missed all the excitement in the ravine.

Back at the cars, two missing RGH3's were sitting in their car, smoking and thinking was a douche-bag this group is, having had no success in making the beer stop in 3 weeks. The pack moved a safe distance from the park, in the woods near the rivers edge, and circled up. DD's to the Hare with ratings fairly high for his laying trail despite the wife getting ready to drop the baby. The RGH3 folks (visitors) got one and sang a short, but interesting song, if I could only remember it. WIPOS got Hashit, and we adjourned to a bar not far away. That's all folks! If you want more, write it yerself.