Location: Chili's Post Rd, Warwick
Run #:1441
Date: Nov 11, 2013
Hare: Shemale
The Pack: Basket, WHO, Whole Miners Daughter, Rusty, Ass Quack, OOzing, Pussy Galore, Crotch Tiger, Awsome Cumdumpser
Hashit: Basket

Rusty, AssQ and I spent the best of the afternoon at Ross Rocks climbing and after enjoying a quick beer there, we arrived at Chili's thinking we'd have time for another beer and some food before the pack arrived. It was close to 6 when we pulled into the lot off Post Road. Ordering a pint, a quick piss, and just as we put glass to lips, in walked WHO and HMD. We moved to a table and were soon joined by the Hare, then OOzing and still others, all not overly excited to start this trail.

The last time Shemale laid flour in this area, he boasted, "all the men got lost and I was at the beer stop with 5 lovely women of the Hash. Then when we got to the circle, Basket and others had already left for home. It was a piece-full Hash." He promised a short, two-beer stop trail, with home-brew, yellow food and much merriment for tonight's event. The group left the warmth and met with the remainder of the pack outside, in what could be described as less then warm temperatures. Directions were given and the Hare pointed us off to the opposite side of the parking lot.

Flour was found going through a fence and out to the power lines, where a check was laid. Half the pack went right, with OOzing in the lead no less, and the remainder left. I was with PG going left, when we heard OOzing call OnOn, and we turned around. Soon we could see the headlamps starting towards us, heading in our direction, so we made an about face. After following the left route for a longer stretch then previously run, and at the top of a hill, we hit the false trail mark. Both directions were false, so we ran back towards the start, where we encountered an arrow pointing off into the woods. It was not there previously; dastardly Hare.

I was well in back of the pack by now and followed their calls as I bushwhacked through bull briers towards them, to try and catch up. I could hear them off in the distance, singing, and I knew at once that they were at the beer stop. I must have crossed the trail, somewhere at it traveled along a long pile of scree. I found myself in the parking lot of a store, looking up at the pack on top of a small hill. As I made my way back up on the lose rocky hill, I could hear the start of the song....'There was a little bird..." Assholes!

Here the Hare had a high octane home brew and was just enough to wet our whistles. Back down the lose rocks, the Hare lost his way and after a short reconnoiter, found a mark pointing us in a new direction. Trail took us out to Toll Gate High School and ended with second beer stop in the athletic field overlooking the bleachers. Many more beers were available and many more songs were sung before continuing on trail.

On-in was short, some road, some bushwhack, some shit trail, but eventually back at the woods overlooking Chili's. Down-downs were given to the Hare, with the trail rating a positive zero. Backsliders ACD and WHD got a well deserving DD, and I got Hashit for absolutely no reason that I can remember...not that the Hash needs one. OnOn was at Track 84 with pizza, darts and beers before adjourning home.