Run # 1443
Tucked away in Big River
November 25th 2013
Hares: Pubic and Donkey
Pack: Basket, WHO, HMD, Bondo, Oozie, SheMailMan, WIPOS, & Rusty (for a while)
Hashshit in abstentia: Rusty

It was the usual Monday routine, check the website for directions, print them and then do my own Google map directions because the hare and Basket never get it right, then I charged up my GPS packed my warm woolies and looked forward to another Pubic & Donkey run. The trip over the bridges lacked excitement, although looking at the clock I was getting anxious about arriving too early. It was 5:30pm, perhaps I had time to stop & do some pre-Black Friday shopping en route.
I continued and made it to Rte 102, I continued further to Rte 3 and missed my turnoff because it was soooo fíing dark. I backtracked to Rte 4 and headed north for Exit 7, trusting directions from the hare, alas Rte 4 North only has an Exit 7A that leads to Quonsett and the time was now nearing 6:15 so a twinge of panic was setting in. Quonsett looked nice and so did my General Lee 180 degree turn that brought me back towards Rte 4 South. I found exit 7 and continued to the New London Turnpike (NLT), itís a long road reminiscent of the ones that farmers walk cows on in Ireland. I didnít see any gun club, and I didnít make a right turn as described by the hare. I back tracked again, it was 6:50pm and all hope was lost.
Out of the darkness I saw a sign, it was the right sign and it led me to the secret part of the NLT. I continued to the end and found the cars, there was one body twitching in a car and it was WIPOS, had he finally succumbed to the cold or was he just trying to warm himself. He told me that he thought I was the cops, so he was trying to hide his beer.
It was now 7pm, we scoured the area for a clue and found something that resembled an arrow but it didnít make much sense. WIPOS opted to follow it, this to me meant that I should definitely not go that way so I headed down a path that brought me to Bondo. He had Buddy and was heading back to his chariot, as it was only a mere tree days since he had his appendix removed. He gave me the insider info, Pubic told him there was no chance of a shortcut later on, the run was going to be long, and the temp was dropping. Great, I said to myself as I headed further down the long roadway expecting to hear some noise to my right. Nothing, not even the glimpse of a distant light!!
I finally decided to turn around and make my way back to the start, getting there at 8pm I sent a text to Oozie to which he replied at 9:45pm. I left a note, dreamt of a cold beer and a shooting star & then hopped back in my car and went home. Saved myself a dollar hash cash but I paid $1.66 to go over the bridges.