Location: Big River, The Thanksgiving Hash
Run #:1443
Date: November 25, 2013
Hare: Pubic Housing and Donkey Punch
The Good, the Bad, the Ugly and me: OOzing, WHO, Shemale, Basket
The Lady: Hole Miners Daughter The Late: WIPOS
The Missing: Rusty
The Gone: Bondo and Buddy the doG. Hashit: WIPOS then Rusty for his Lack of Direction

It was dark and very cold when I pulled in. My headlights illuminated two figures standing in the middle of the lot. It was WHO and Hole Miner and they were trying to feel what little heat could be gained from WHO's cigarette. There was no sign of the Hares, as they were, most likely, off setting the Beer Stop. This was surely going to be a small pack, as it was already 6:25, and hopefully it will be a short trail. There was a light off in the woods, where a vigil candle illuminated the memorial of a young man WHO died last summer. Why here and how? Certainly not an auto accident; maybe OD or self inflicted. In any event, they left an empty beer bottle and a lot of RIP posters. I hoped there would not be more RIP's after tonight.

Since the Hare's had not yet returned, we started looking for flour. Trail was found along the hunting club's fence, just as HMD noticed lights heading towards us on the other side of the barricade. The Hares were returning and said that OOzing was on his way, having found himself lost from the directions. How could anyone not follow those crystal clear directions is beyond me. Bondo arrived first and then OOzing. Bondo gave WHO a birthday gift and it was already 6:45. The pack was anxious to warm up, so were were off.

There was many pounds of flour, many checks and at least 9 false trail marks, at least that's how many I found, in addition to a number of trails that just died out. We did not get the short trail we wanted, but we did get a trail suited to the RIH3. I passed OOzing at least 5 times. It seemed that he was FRB every time I turned around. There was a lot of up and down, up and down and just a smidgen of shiggy. The beer stop was found in an open field, very reminiscent of last week, without the fire. HMD, WHO, OOzing, Shemale and me, along with the Hares, made this a larger pack then those that made last weeks BS.

Donkey took off early to set up the apri-Hash, while the rest finished their beers and walked the half mile or so back the the cars. Donkey had a table set up with all the Thanksgiving fixin's one could ask for. There was a large tray of Turkey dinners. Delicious turkey, dressing and cranberry sauce all neatly placed in cupcake size portions. Shots of spicy squash soup, pumpkin pie, John L Sullivan Irish Whiskey and plenty of beer. After the Hares received their down-downs, we heard a horn off in the distance. WIPOS had arrived after we started out and was out there somewhere. Bondo and Buddy had long since left and a note on the Hare's car said that Rusty was there too, but decided to go home for his supper. WIPOS eventually showed up and we gave him the Hashit, and after further discussion, it was passed on to Rusty. Since we were all stuffed as turkeys and had had plenty of beer, we decided to forego the normal stop at a pub and made our way home. Happy Bird Day everyone.