The Soggy Field Hash
Run # 1450
Date Jan 13, 2014
Hare: Rusty
Weather: It was sunny after tree day's of rain, and 40 tree degrees F
The Pack: OOzing, WHO, Basket, Hole Miner's Daughter, Donkey, Hairy, Dog Meat, Pubic, just AAron, WIPOS Ass Quack, Crabby, Crotchy and Pussy Galore
Visitors: Crisco Kid, Mary K (NH3) and tree of Rusty's soccer pals, names (?), and one visitor from somewhere else H3

The ground was sopping wet and puddles littered the soccer fields. A quick explanation of the marks were made and the pack started out, easterly around the soccer fields, in a clockwise direction. First check had us go into the farm behind the soccer field, but flour was found in the field to our left. I was already committed to this field and decided to stay the course. I could see the head lamps on the other side of the field and thought about shortcutting across the plowed fields, but one step had me knee deep in muck. I continued by myself, watching the progress of the pack until they too a left into the next field. At the end of the corn field I was on, I went left and at the intersection of two fields I found an X. Checking right, across a deep and wide puddle, I found flour and a large B.
A horn and calls of "OnOn" were heard off in the distance, as I settled down for a cold one. Eventually, the pack was seen returning to the field next to me. Crabby was in the lead followed by a lot of wet Wankers and Wankettes. I blew my horn again and Crabby made a right turn in my direction with the pack on her ass. Not a bad place to be, but I can't complain, as I've already enjoyed most of my 'First of the Day'.
Songs were sung until the beer was gone, then Rusty sent all through the large and deep puddle I crossed earlier. The Circle was formed just below the bank at the Soccer Fields and Down-Downs were give to the guilty: Rusty got his, the visitors theirs, and because I ran the least, a Hashit DD. Next we travelled to KJ's for food and more beer. The bar was full and the service did it's best to keep OOzings complaints to a minimum. A good time was had by all.