The Martin Luther Day Hash
Run # 1451
Date Jan 20, 2014
Hare: Amishit Head
Weather: Not bad for mid-January, cool, dry and dark after sunset
The Pack: OOzing, WHO, Basket, Shemale, Donkey, Pubic, WIPOS Ass Quack,Rusty, Crotchy and Bondo

The directions were purposely vague, so as to dissuade as many as possible to miss the trail, but we've all been here MANY times before and we would not be denied our Hash. No explanation of marks was needed so we started out of the lot and south on Hopkins Hill Rd, under the highway and crossing Division Rd. A check sent us into the Big River sand pits. Some went left towards the trees, others towards the hills and I went straight into the belly of the beast with Donkey. We could see lights traveling up the hills to our right on the hills. There was a good possibility that beer might be found in them thar hills, so I made my way to the base and followed lights around the top to the rear. Someone called "OnOn" bringing the pack back downhill. Trail was lost once again, as we wandered through the trees, finding trail a short while later heading out to the road.

We crossed Hopkins Hill again and found beer in a wooded area not too far off the road. OOzing was next to last, saving that spot for Bondo and WIPOS, whatever they were doing in them woods. OOzing had lost his sole on this holy of holy days in the Ebenizer Baptist Church of MLK. Basket tried to light a fire to warm our hearts and Pubic found some ribbon to tie OOzing sole back on.

Beers finished, we continued on trail out to Division Street, where the Hare's car was spotted, and followed flour back along Hopkins Hill to the parking lot. We circled up short a few late cummers, Bondo and WIPOS (whatever they were doing at the Bondo's car) and started the ceremonies. Amish got a DD for his part, OOzing for losing his sole, and me for Hashit, because I started a fire and WHO thought the police may be concerned. I think he should have received it as he is constantly putting out fires, but I digress.

We traveled to Marks, JC's, Rosies, whatever its called, and had food and beer till we left for home.