The Sunny Day Hash
Run #1462, April 7, 2014
Hare: Rusty
Location: Fish Rd Park N Ride, Tivertown, RI
Weather: Sunny
Present: Shemale, Basket, Hairy, Luxury Box, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, Oozing, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore and Smart Alex
Hashit: Crotch Tiger

Rusty wanted to go off-island for his Hash, but he didn't want to go too far...just over the bridge in WHO Town. WHO could have walked, rode a bike, hitchhiked, but he decided in the end to just drive the 1.2 miles. He'd had a tough day downloading things he doesn't show the wife, while he's waiting for the next call to the OR. WHO, Crabby, AssQ and Smart Alex were already in the lot when I arrived. Rusty offered all a Harpoon to lube the muscles and most took advantage of his generosity. OOzing and Crotch Tiger were last to arrive just as we started out the familiar out trail on a paved drive to the power station. A check here had everybody but WHO looking for something different. Shemale and I pushed on into the woods south of the power station, while most got caught in the briars and turned back. WHO call On and, despite hope of something new, we turned about and followed the pack.

We crossed the culvert and turned left up the power lines. I was last and as I passed the Hare and OOzing walking, leisurely, up the hill, I blew my horn upon seeing the tird flour mark. I was quickly admonished by both of them for call the pack as trail turned right under the highway. True trail, it seems, was to take the pack on a long circle jerk up the hill, into the woods to a falsie and back under the bridge. I apologized and made my way, being FRB, under the bridge and turning left (north), crossing a large pool of water from the recent rains. I had not gone far, when I ran out of flour and could hear the pack, now on this side of 24, calling OnOn behind me. Thinking I could short-cut to the trail, I continued northerly then westerly, following trails deep with mud and muck. Eventually I turned back and bushwhacked to the pack. The trail turned left then left again, finally finding the beer stop hidden just feet from where I had turned around.

A fine selection of beer and non-orange food was enjoyed by all, as we enjoyed each other's company in song. Just as we were finishing the last of the beer, WIPOS made his way to the BS and grabbed the bottle. We then, slowly, made our way back under the highway and to the paved road leading to our cars. The beer was brought up to the pack and the circle began. The Hare received comments about the trail, including: too short, too long, too dry, too wet, bullshit, bullshit, bullshit....with all in agreement that it was just okay. He tried to sing Barcelona, but stopped short of the second word following "Waaaaayyyyy". Finally, with help from the pack he made his way to the end of one verse. WIPOS got a DD for being over dressed. Hairy for most mud and Hashit was discussed. It almost went to Smart Alex for carrying his own refreshment, but settled on Crotch Tiger for sins we could only dream of. The OnOnOn was held at Big Bear, where beer and pizza was enjoyed by all. Then we went home....satified.
That's all I got.