The Carolina Dreamin' Hash
Run #1465, April 29, 2014
Hare: Donkey Punch and Pubic Housing
Location: Waaayyyyy down in Carolina, exit 3B to Trout Pond
Weather: Sunny
Present: Just Alex, Basket, Amish, Dr. WHO, Bondo, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, Oozing, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Luxury Box, Hairy
Hashit: WIPOS

This was a long, long drive to the start, but, surprisingly, there were more cars in the small lot than I'd have guessed. It seems some Hares purposely choose locations, well out of the way, to limit the number of Hounds WHO show up, for a number of reasons: clearing out the riff raff (usually the Wankers), different and possibly virgin trails (unlikely), and less beer consumed (more likely). Non-the-less, there was an alert and energetic group as we started out on trail. It wasn't long before I got separate from the pack and made my own way, off trail, into a field. I could hear the pack off to my right and started off in that general direction, arriving at a hill overlooking a deep ditch. As I ran down, I picked up some flour on a tree and found myself back on trail. Not knowing if I was a FRB or DFL, I continued running along and finally found the Hares standing just before the field, thick with rhododendron, brush and white pine. You could barely see 2 feet in front of you. Donkey told me to follow the blue ribbons, but I didn't see any, as I made my way out. Smart Alex was right behind me. He had been sucking on his flask of cider and seemed happy to be here. Not finding the elusive tape, I asked DP if the trail went straight or left, as I could hear the pack off in the distance. He said left and, backtracking, I met Smart A on a, not too defined, trail. We continued along for another mile until we caught up to the pack at the beer stop.

The pack was well into a song as we made our way through the brush and changed the verse to the Asshole song just as we joined them. IPA and snacks were enjoyed as we sang a few ditties waiting for the last to arrive. OOzing finally made the BS and all were accounted for. After a short while, we continued out on trail back to the cars. It was another mile and a half before we arrive at the parking area and the circle. Down-downs were given to the Hares and the run was rated a negative zero, for too long, too much pavement and the longest drive to a Hash all year. Hairy and LB got a DD for backsliding, and WIPOS got Hashit for being WIPOS. Then we traveled to a new pub, that had good beer, adequate food, and good company.
That's all I got.