The Cinco de Mustache Hash
Run #1466, May 5, 2014
Hare: Hairy
Location: 152'ish Oak Street, near Great Woods, Mansfield, Ma
Weather: Sunny and pleasant
Present: Next Week, Amish, Dr. WHO, Bondo, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, Oozing, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore, Dogs: Heath and Buddy
Hashit: Bondo Jovi

It was a strange situation pulling into the dirt parking lot off Oak Street. It looked like a Mexican Cartel was meeting in a secluded field near the Great Woods Performance Center. There were mustaches of all types and sizes. Some down to adams apples, others up to eyebrows, and the ladies had the most creative, on breasts and strategicly placed on shorts. There were sombraros and other Mexican colors, but Bondo stood alone, as he usually does, with him just being Bondo. The Hare handed out stick on mustaches for anyone that needed some help and gave directions to the start.

The trail led out across the open field to the tree line where flour was found leading the pack, northerly, into the woods. I was last to hit trail as I was checking for flour on the opposite side of the field. When I caught up with OOzing, he pointed out flour on the right, towards the power line, but said Rusty went to the left and he proceeded in that direction. I passed him and soon heard calls off to our right, of the pack calling OnOn. Rusty came back, but OOzing and I continued on in the same direction.

At the next intersecting trail OOzing turned back, but I decided to check right and, after a short distance, came upon the Beer Check. I called out, but no one was within hearing distance, so I searched for the beer. It was the homesite of an early settler, from the 1700's. The fieldstone foundation for the house was all that remained of the Joshia Brown homestead. There was a sign identifying the area as a farm dating back to the 1748, and carried the story of his family living and dying there, until the house was burned down by indians. The fields were now full of standing pines and oak among the rock wall that outlined the area where corn once grew and children played. Off to the right was the remains of a barn foundation, where cattle were kept in a rock enclosure, an opening out to another, tree strewn field. I can tell you all this, because I arrived her in less than 15 minutes and the pack would not be here for another 35. I have no idea of what their trail looked like.

First to arrive was Ass Quack. I was still searching behind tree and rock wall, and we both continued looking for beer as Donkey, Amish, Next Week and Pussy arrived. Finally the Hare popped in with his backback and the beer, just as most of the remaining Hashers came in. They described their trail as long, winding and boring, with a little shiggy, but mostly a long slog through the woods. The Hare shared some beer in growlers and cheasy puffs. Many songs were sung with, "there was a little bird", Asshole song just as Bondo arrived. He complained about the length of it with a lot of "Fucks", but that's not very unusual. Next came OOzing for "there was a little dog..." and then WIPOS for the cat verse. Three growlers did not go very far, so were were soon back on trail.

It was a short run back, mostly on the trail I took in, and we soon formed the circle. The Hare got a Down-down, as did Bondo for backsliding and lack of effort in dressing for the occassion. OOzing won best Mex for his full-on costume and Pussy, honorable mention for her legs. We then traveled to a nearby pub for beer and grub.
That's all I got.

Basket That's all I got.