Location: Soccer Fields, Wyatt Rd, Middletown
Run #: 1470, the Cookout Hash
Date: June 2, 2014
Weather: really shitty Hash weather, sunny, warm-not too hot, bright clear sky
Hare: Rusty
Pack: WHO, Basket, WIPOS, OOzing, Fuwangii, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, Smaaart Aleck, Just Mickey, Just Mickey's Mature Older Brother not named by RIH3 but somewhere else, Crisco Kid was a no-show again but someone from Rusty's Soccer Pals did cum and An How's Your Bush held up the home front and barbi
Visiting Hashers: Crotch Thumper from Lexington Horses Ass H3, and Barely Manbelow from Eugene H3
Hashshit: WHO
Scribe: Basket

Starting from the Hare's favorite location. I believe he can be found here 3 days a week and now on a Hash 3 or 4 times a year. The island has so much to offer that you'd think he could be a little creative. Maybe I can dig up some old trash from the Newport Hash days and suggest something old can be new to him. Rusty offered us a pre-lub, but suggested we keep it cupped up. Hashers arrived by the bus loads and he started to sweat about running out of beer before the start. Luckily, the Cranston crowd brought their own swill and he was relieved. Fuwangii showed up and he relieved himself behind the storage shed and locked his bike up for security. The Hare explained the marks to his soccer buddy and we were off, traveling in the same direction we always go when we start here....no surprises.

The trail hit the first plowed corn field and went clockwise around it. I along with Smart Aleck went the opposite way, but I was quickly left in his dust. Trail came out on Mitchell Lane with a check at the corner with Fayal and making a right towards the golf course. Rusty pointed out the check to me, but nobody else even slowed down. I started to make the turn, and what would have been a long ball-busting circle jerk to the golf course in a pathetic attempt to do something creative, but was called back by the pack as they found flour just down Mitchell and turning left into the fields....again. Rusty, Smart Aleck and I continued through the next check, with the pack calling OnOn off to our right and Rusty saying, "I think this should get us back on trail. You would think by now he'd get it right, right?

The beer stop was not far off and we enjoyed some IPA in the field where we enjoyed his last 3 beer stops. It's become a friendly and familiar place to meet, although the last time the intersection of the fields was about 4 inches deep of water. Not so much today. After we finished the beer, we continue on to the soccer fields, where the Hare announced the circle would be held at his house, not very far away. With little fanfare, we drove the .4 miles to the Circle, with warnings to park on the opposite side of the street rather than crash into the ditch.

A cooler was opened and beers shared as we rated the Hash. Complaints were rampant, with no virgin territory, complete lack of creativity, same boring shite over and over, until Crotch Thumper and Barely Manbelow showed up late. They just arrived from the airport and just got directions on the way here. Many new songs were sung and beer enjoyed. The run was given a very high negative, maybe 6.9. Down-downs to the Hare, Virgin and Visitors. WHO got Hashit and we all enjoyed a good fire of the old beehive and wood found behind the shed (don't ever, ever use the side steps to break up the wood) and a great barbeque complete with brats, tater and macaroni salad and burgers, before heading home for the night. That's all I got. B3