Location: Beach Pond, CT/RI border
Run #: 1471, CT Border Hash
Date: June 9, 2014
Weather: Rain...Downpour to Holy Shit it's a typhoon
Pack: WHO, Basket, Crotch Tiger, Bondo, Buddy, OOzing, Just Alex, Smaaart Aleck, Donkey Puch, Pubic Housing, Shemale
Visiting Hasher from Somewhere down South: Sleeping Booty and Her Seven Toys Hashshit: Basket
Scribe: Basket

This is the third time we've been on trail in the Arcadia Area in 5 weeks, and you might think it'd be impossible for anyone to get lost out here by now...not so for the RIH3. A few weeks ago it was Ass Quack's classic run from the Mt Tom Trail to almost the start of tonight's Hash. If it wasn't for a kind lady WHO must have wondered why she'd get into a car with this bleeding, sweat-ball holding a weapon (Basket's stole horn) and drive him the 4 miles back to the start, Crabby Shag may have lost the father of her not-yet born baby. Tonight, most of the pack would loose their way, find redemption in the rain and most, except Bondo, make it to be beer stop.

The Hash gathered at the dirt parking lot opposite the pond parking proper. WHO was already there as I pulled in, soon followed by Just Alex then the rest of the pack. A new face was seen and she introduced herself as Sleeping Booty and the Seven Toys. It seems she's been lurking in our neck of the woods for some time without scratching the itch to Hash. Finally, after a complete loss of judgment, she joined us on tonight's trail. Of all the Hashes, in all the world, on any day, she had to go to a WIPOS Hash....what was she thinking?

The rain was cuming down in buckets and nearing the 6:30 start as we finally heard the Hares horn bellow. He was returning from setting the beer, walking leisurely down the road, looking like the wet dog he is. RIH3 trail marks were explained to the visitor and we started out along the south end of the pond along the boulder lined trail. At the first check, the pack spread out in all directions. Donkey, S.Booty and half the pack continued along the water's edge, while Shemale, WHO and I went left uphill. Donkey was on, but we found flour heading out from the next check and short-cut across a wooden bridge leading across a swampy area. Trail then took a right turn into the woods and then left uphill to another check. There was a high rocky area, and Shemale tried to entice us to climb the boulders. WHO followed a path along the lower edge, but Donkey found flour going right around the hill.

The pack resumed a line of wet SOB's winding its way up towards Woody Hill to the main trunk line. The trail continued northerly, crossing Ten Rod Road towards the north end of Beach Pond. I was far behind the pack and the first check I encountered was not marked. Behind me was WHO and SBooty, Bondo and Buddy farther back. I could not hear the pack in front of me with the sound of rain falling so heavily, so I marked the check going left, knowing full well, the beer would be found by the water, and I continued on. I soon realized the trail went right, after finding no flour, so I ran back to WHO and told him I was going to continue on because I knew exactly where I was going.....famous last words. Luckily, I did find trail a bit further down the hill and the beer stop soon after along the pond. WHO, SBooty and eventually late-cumer Crotchy arrived, but Bondo had beer in his car and didn't need no stinking WIPOS Beer Stop.

We enjoyed the beer and cheesy food and started a few songs. Shemale was enticed by a tale of the past weekend's wife swapping party that Just Alex was at in Providence and wanted to know how he could get involved. When the sordid details and beer finished we started back to Rte 165 and the circle. We waited in the rain for another 15 minutes before the Hare showed up, then another 10 minutes while he changed from his multi-layer wet gear to some lighter, dryer wet gear to start the circle. WIPOS got his just desert, as did our visitor. I got Hashit for marking the last check incorrectly and losing Bondo. The run was rated a positive 6.9 for the weather, a new bimbo and losing Bondo. We traveled to Mark's, Mork's, Woody's for some beer and food in a dry spot. That's all I got. B3