Location: Black Hut Reserve
Run #: 1472, Bondo Jovi's Return Hash
Date: June 16, 2014
Hare: Bondo Jovi
Pack: WHO, WIPOS, Basket, Sleeping Booty, Crotch Tiger, Just Mike, Just Alex, OOzing, Bondo's dog Buddy and Bondo's really close friend, soon to be named Smells Like Fish. Non-running fucks: Dog Meat, Just Big Shit (pushing for a renaming of Princess Blowing Wind in the Pines???) Hashshit: WIPOS
Scribe: Basket

Bondo had exiled himself to the Dog House since someone, we will not name (but it is spelled SHEMALE) stole his conch shell horn, and then he gave it to Friar Fuck, WHO gave it to Retar'd for chrisake. He got it back but refused to join the RIH3 until he was satisfied we would not do it again......silly bastard! He has since forgiven us for our trespasses and lost 30 pounds of ugly fat, so he's back, stronger then ever and offered to be Hare again. He chose the Black Hut Reserve as this is the location where his previous Hash was set. Basket got lost and forgotten in the woods, in the rain, while the Hash went back to Basket's house to eat his food, drink his beer and watch the Romanian Women do their floor exercise during the Summer Olympics. Meanwhile, Basket fell into a quarry, broke his foot, had no flashlight or weather gear and tried to protect Bondo's blind dog. It's a long story and I'd rather not get into it as the pain is still there. If it wasn't for OOzing, I'd most likely have died there and WHO knows what would have become of Dog Meat and the RIH3.

AnyWHO, the Hash arrived at the parking area at the end of Spring Lake Road. A large boulder had pushed its way to the surface, and it was great entertainment watching the cars screech into the lot, pop over the boulder with a great noise, before anyone had an opportunity to caution them. Eventually everyone's oil pan was reattached and the directions were given: the Trail was marked in white flour, there was a beer stop, regular RIH3 marking and don't follow Basket. The trail led out the main path to the first intersection. A check sent most left, while Just Alex and I went right. I warned him about the instructions to not follow Basket and he quickly turned around, while I bushwhacked and arrived on the main trail just as the last of the pack passed. The next check sent us towards the old Girl Scout Camp and, guessing, the Beer Stop would be found there. As I arrived at the lake, Bondo Brew Jugs were already being passed around and the smell of fish was breathtaking.

Hashers were cooling themselves in the lake and with the wind blowing off the water, it was the cleanest air around. The rope swing was tempting, but it seemed a bit short and the rocks in the water a bit shallow for my old bones, but in my day.... Songs were sung until the beer was gone, then it was off to the circle at my house. Bondo had some fine food and more beer and a warming fire. The run was rated a negative 6.9 for not losing Basket and the fish smell. WIPOS got Hashit...just because. We ate and drank and sang songs till it was time for us to send everyone home and sleep it off. That's all. B3