Location: Walmart, Plainfield Pike, Cranston
Run #: 1477
Date: July 21, 2014
Hare: OOzing and Mystery Hare
Pack: Rusty, Crabby, Ass Quack, Basket, WHO, Donkey Punch, Pubic, Crotch Tiger, Wee Balls, Retard, WIPOS, Sleeping Booty, Just Mike, Just Alex, Smart Aleck, Tinker, Short Shorts, Retar'd, Dog Meat, Just Naomi, Him Wrng Guy
Hashshit: Wee Balls
Scribe: Basket with help from Billy Joel

It was 6:30 on a Monday
RIH3 was running for beer.
OOzing was our hare tonight
Along with a mystery Hare.

Turns out it was Bung Hole
WHO was last seen years ago.
She quietly says don't blame me
This trail is a real shit-show.
La la la la di da
La la la di da da da

OOzing points off to the woods
Just behind the store.
"You'll find flour if you look for it
This trail has shiggy and more."

Now the pack runs around the fencing
Into poison ivy and trash
Flour was sparse and he knew
Cum mid-week we'd all have a rash.
La la la la di da
La la la di da da da

Now WHO led us for a while,
Then Crabby took us to a wall
I got lost in a trash heap
And the pack found no flour at all.

OOzing pointed a short-cut
Along the Plainfield Pike
Flour led us behind the pharmacy
Into a watery dike.
La la la la di da
La la la di da da da

Here we found us some liquid
That caused us all to cheer.
Snacks of some kind of yellow food
And there was plenty of beer.

We sang us a song of merriment
Sexual innuendo lyrics were clear
Despite all the urging and hormone surging
We were happy the end was so near.
La la la la di da
La la la di da da da

This is the end of my story
There isnt much more to say.
Bung Hole won't be back again.
She's moving far, far away.

Lucky for her and her new boy
Not so for the rest of the Hash.
OOzing will be the Hare again.
I hope then we'll be cured of this rash.
La la la la di da
La la la di da da da