Alright you whiney hashers....the write up...

The hare set us a short and wet trail just as he dreams. After the run along a wall, we decided to back check and found the real trail dragging us to the marshes of Narrow River.

Bring on the wetness, swamp toes, and trail markers...oh wait they almost didn't exist (remember not to throw flour on water). We did find dinosaur remains, full skull and spine...we almost got Basket to make out with it too. Bring on the boring jog across the bridge and back into the prickers. Just Michael almost caught us dinner but chickened out when the little turkey family looked into his soul.

There was a little bit more swamp, and then the trudge to Bird Shit Island...complete with the bugs and a few "hashers" who stayed dry in their kayaks. Remind me to teach Who how to get into his kayak without taking off his leg.

Let me not forget Wipos showing up at the end in his one-manned canoe...the struggle was real...he would have ended up down stream without the help from myself (hence why I'm here chewing your ear off).

A few of our lady parts decided to cum late, and barely at all. They had to swim across the channel to get their beer. Once they arrived we decided to leave again so we could swim back to our cars.

Those of us brave enough, had an exhilarating jump off the bridge.

That was that, hope you enjoyed!