Location: Big River � Burnt Sawmill Road Parking lot
Run #: 1481
Date: August 18, 2014
Hare: Amishit head
Pack: Basket, Pubic, Donkey Punch, Crotch Tiger, Wee Balls, Retard, WIPOS, OOzing, AQ, Crabby, Sleeping Booty, Just Mike, Just PJ, Tinker, Short shorts, Pat My Fly (retard)
Special appearance by PG and Baby (TBD)
Visitors: Public Enema (Rotten Groton H3), Skid Mark a hasher from Bangladesh
Hashshit: Retard
Scribe: Donkey

Amish Trail on the north side of Big River. Decent pack at the start including Four Harrietts and assortment of regulars AQ, Crabby Donkey, Basket, Pubic, Sleeping Booty, Just Mike and Just PJ and a visitor from Bangladesh WHOs name I never got. Crotch tiger pulled up just as the pack was leaving and joined us.

The pack was out at 6:30 sharp into a trail headed into the woods for a short circle jerk back to the pond at the end of Burnt Sawmill Road about 100 feet from the cars. Another set of poorly set checks eventually lead to back check 10 (totally unnecessary). At this point basket decided he was smarter than the hare and blew through the false trail to run his own trail (never to be seen again). The trail continued into the swamp through heavy shiggy and mud. Eventually dumping the pack back on Nooseneck Road. After some shitty pavement running the trail cut back into the woods for the beer check. Trail was about 1.2 miles including the back check. Pack made the beer check and picked up a visitor from Groton who started late, WIPOS who apparently was just running randomly through the swamp and Tinker and short shorts. The beer check included large amounts of excellent beer and raucous singing- however no Basket.

After the beer check, the trail wound another half mile near route 95 and dumped back out at the parking lot to find Basket waiting in the parking lot. Total trail running time about 17 minutes.

The end circle was moving along at a snail's pace when PG and the new baby made a surprise visit. The trail was originally rated to be a -0.69 with some complaining (I am not really one to complain) but was rated a +69 for PGs appearance,

The visitor from Groton expressed his displeasure with the RI hash (however his complaints fell upon deaf ears) and sang a song about oral sex. Tinker presented the hashit earned from the prior weeks hash and made the obvious choice of Basket for being Basket, however Retard was awarded the hashit for being Retard and not recognizing wipos who he has known for 10 years. Circle ended up taking 55 minutes almost three times the time to run trail.

Overall good run with decent shiggy and PG. On-in was at the woods, but I didn't attend which left time for this crappy write up.