The Waaaaayyyyyy Down in Jamestown Hash
Run #1485, Sept 15, 2014
Hare: Rusty
Location: Beavertail State Park, Jamestown, RI
Weather: 60's, Sunny turning dark after 7
Present: Next Week, Amish, Dr. WHO, Bondo, Donkey Punch, Ass Quack, Smart Alec, Oozing, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore, Who Wants My Johnson, Pussy Ivy, Pass On Pussy, dogs Heath, Buddy and Bantu
Hashit: Amish

Rusty promised us a great trail (did not say virgin), good beer, real food, a nun joke and something about a new verse to Waaaayyyyyy! Expectations were low so as not to be disappointed in any of the above, but spirits were high as the pack grew at the first parking lot on the right at Beavertail Park. The trail led out easterly on paths towards the bay and turned southerly. We followed the coastline until it came out at the lighthouse, where a good check was found. WWMJ ran into the water to see if he could find flour on the rock just 20 feet off shore, while the rest of the pack followed northerly past the first parking lot and onto the rocky ledges.

The rocks were slick with foam splashing up from the surf and covered with a thin layer of moss. We passed a few fisherman WHO gave us a strange look, as we ran past them blowing horns and whistles. The trail continued up to a path that led through the second parking lot and then back onto the rocky shore. The beer stop was found behind a large rock that sheltered us from the brisk wind off the ocean. Torpedo, Loose Cannon and Guinness was enjoyed with non-orange colored snacks. We sang a large number of songs until WHO said, "Out of beer; out of here.", and we were off again.

The trail continued northerly to Clark's Village Road, then out to Beavertail Rd, to the first trail on the right heading south again. The trails here meander and cross one another until the main trail was found along the water's edge. We continued southerly to the clearing near the cars and the Circle was formed. The Hare received a negative .69, mostly for lack of creativity, too much pavement and running out of beer at the Beer Stop. He sang a verse of Barcelona that began with "Way down in Jamestown where the fisherman pull there worms..." No visitors or virgins or backsliders, so Hashit was discussed ad nauseam. Once again it was pointed out that Basket wrote up the trash before the actual trail was run, but Amish was selected just because. The OnOn was held at the Narragansett Pub. The locals enjoyed our singing and the waitress said she missed us on January 1st Penguin Plunge. WHO said we'd be back this year to do our own plunge at Mackerel Cove and promised to lay a virgin trail, himself, to warm up with afterward. We finished our food and beverage and left for home.
That's all I got.