The Fisherman at Galilee Hash
Run #1486, Sept 22, 2014
Location: Galilee Fishing Area
Weather: 60's, the Last Hash of Summer
Present: Dr. WHO, Bondo, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Ass Quack, Crabby Shag, Cat Scratch Fever, Oozing, Crotch Tiger, Pussy Galore, Who Wants My Johnson, Pass On Pussy, Just PJ, Rusty, Sleeping Booty
Back Sliders: Async
Visitor: Public Enema (RGH3)
Virgins: Just Isaac and Just Devin
Hashit: Crabby Shag

The pack arrived lining up on State Street, across from the Fishing Area, on Great Island Rd. As a pack of about 10 started out crossing Goat Island Rd, many more would arrive, and find their way, following the tracked down grasses in the marsh, around Bluff Hill Cove. Only Basket knew a swim was most unlikely, and decided to make his way out the Galilee Escape Road towards the first bridge. The trail was marked with orange tape in the reeds, and being few and far between, most of the pack was lost in the soggy ground. Hobbling along with his knees bandaged from being an old fart, he was almost the FRB, having just being beaten by WWMJ and Just PJ. The trail continued west to the next bridge where a mark led back down to the marsh.

The Hare said he had, untypically, laid the In-trail, so Basket crossed the road looking for signs that the trail may come back through the Galilee Bird Sanctuary. Not finding anything, he continued west along Rte 108, while the pack followed the trail back into the marsh. Rusty, in a generous moment, called Basket back, identifying the trail going left, but Basket ignore him and continued on. He wanted to short-cut the trail to save his busted knees. Basket continued out to Point Judith Rd, then went south to Ocean Rd, and then past Aunt Carrie's, to a path leading out to the beach. He was looking for signs that the Hare may have set his beer stop on the beautiful shore. The waves were high, breaking close to the rocky shore. Just north there was a surfer catching some big waves. The sun was setting, painting the western sky in a brilliant crimson and the combination of wind and wave and sun almost made him cry with glee....except there was no beer or any signs of the pack, which caused him to cry even more.

Basket then went back on Ocean Rd, and followed it to the Point Judith Lighthouse. If he was going to be alone, he thought he'd at least get take in the whole chimichanga. A police car passed him twice, and must have been wondering what this old dude was doing running along, by himself, with a bugle, complete with flashlight attached. Basket continued along Ocean Rd to Shore Rd, and went straight on a Green Way trail, just off the beach. The crashing waves and star-lit, clear sky gave him much to be thankful for. If only he had a beer; tears rolling down his face.

The green way continued out to Stanton Avenue, and a pleasant woman walking her dogs, gave him directions to the dock at Galilee. He continued out to Sand Hill Cove Rd, passing Georges and Champlin's, going past the ferry landing, and the ferry parking areas and finally back to the cars.

At the cars, the last of the pack was arriving, and OOzing was just about to drive out on a search and rescue for the missing Basket. The Beer stop was at the Fisherman's Campground, where WIPOS and wife had a tent. He had cut a path through the briers and they enjoyed beer and pizza, while disturbing the campers, WHO intern complained about their trespassing, noise and general nuisance. Their trail was 1.78 miles, while Basket, in an attempt to short-cut and baby his busted knees, walked 5.61 miles.

The Circle was formed in the marshy area and about 20 Wankers, WHO ran a much shorter trail , joined Basket as he hobbled on. The last to arrive was Donkey and Pubic. He was dressed in suit and she a pretty dress, having had dinner nearby. They were celebrating their wedding anniversary and decided it a smart choice to pass on the WIPOS Hash, but enjoy a beer with the RIH3. Most of the comments were of a shitty short trail, but, surprisingly, many said enjoyed the view, shiggy and brevity of the whole thing. It was rated a .69 Positive. Maybe the first positive in recent history for WIPOS. The Hare got his Down-down and sang one new verse of song he did a year ago. Async was giving a DD for Backslider and sang the End of the Month song, that lasted a few verses until Basket, in a senior moment, repeated the same verse twice. The RGH3 visitor, running in bare feet again, got a DD, as did the Virgins, WHO were friends of a friend of Pussy Ivy. PI was renamed Cat Scratch Fever, by Pussy Galore, WHO wanted to be the only Pussy, and given his DD. Hashit went to Crabby Shag for being a racist and wearing racist attire and entertained us with underboob. We had religion and then traveled to Georges for food and beer, and then home.
That's all I got.