The Bondo's Homie Hash
Run #1487, Sept 9, 2014
Hare: Bondo Jovi
Location: Meadow Rd, Woonsocket, RI
Weather: Warm, almost hot for the last Hash in September
Present: Dr. WHO, WIPOS, Who Wants My Johnson, Pussy Ivy, Pass On Pussy, Retar'd, BFF (Bondo's Friend Forever, AKA Tom), Buddy and last but not least, RUSTY
Never Leave the Camp Hashers: Dog Meat, Just Big Shit and Jovi Juice Hashit: POP

Bondo wanted to keep this simple, invite the Hash to his place for a change, enjoy a short trail and beer and eat enough Woonsocket Dynamites to give you a running shit in the morning. He was spot on on a few points. The Hash started at Che Bondo and went steadily downhill from there, turning left on Meadow, crossing Harris Ave/Rte 122 and into the bowels of Cold Spring Park. A check here had everyone fooled but WHO. He ran straight towards the Blackstone and took a right along the towpath. His pathetic Bosun Whistle could barely be heard over the din of RU?'s off in every direction. Eventually, we all found the only direction was to follow WHO to the bridge at the corner of Singleton and Canal Street, where WHO's luck finally ran out.

The pack found flour going uphill going around the Plastics Group and onto the Rail Road Tracks, making a right towards Blackstone. The pack found the new bike path to its liking, an went left towards the Blackstone Gorge. The Beer Stop was found Jovi Juice's house opposite Cold Spring Park. Homebrew was enjoyed, by all except Cat Scratch Fever, as he was lost somewhere. When the beer was finished, we turned back towards Meadow Road and the OnOn.

We circled up in the (unfinished still) first floor and gave the Hare his just deserts. "Short, shitty trail, no creativity, too much pavement, no shiggy, recycled trail, A Really Big Shit-Show" and other less complementary comments. The Hash was rated a positive .69 and the Hare had his down-down. He sang, "I love my girl", and attempted to start 'the Wild West Show', but we all protested. Dog Meat and JBS were asked to join the circle along with Retar'd and Jovi Juice, for Backsliding and sang Waaaaaay down in Barcelona. Hashit was given to POP for some very obvious reason that I can't remember. It almost went to Cat Scratch Fever for getting lost in Woonsocket and having his d'erections a week in advance....take note OOzing. Renaming was brought up and Cat Scratch Fever is now and forever (until next renaming) Glutenless Maximus Beer and Bondo's Bitch (Tom) was renamed BOB (Bend Over Buddy) and then quickly renamed Smells Like Fish. Possibly the only RIH3 named/renamed 4 times in 6 weeks. We then went into the unfinished first floor and dynamites were enjoyed, then we went home just before the Patriots got their butts kicked.
That's all I got.