The Quonset Point Dead Dear Hash
Run #1490, Oct 20, 2014
Hare: Crotch Tiger and Pussy Galore
Location: Quonset Point, North Kingston, RI
Weather: Chilling down nicely
Present: Dr. WHO, Fecal Veneer (aka: Who Wants My Johnson), Basket, Sleeping Booty, Just PJ, Rusty, Dog Meat, OOzing, Bondo, Ben, Amish, Heath, Retard, WIPOS, GlutenlessMaximus
Two Timers: Just Kasey and Just Emily
Hashit: Basket

Bondo was sharing his home-brew as Dog Meat and I arrived at the start. For the second time in two weeks, the Hares were nowhere to be found, so we enjoyed some beers as we waited for the 6:30 start. Finally, Pussy drove up, with her new baby, and said Crotchy would be along soon, as she was out laying the final touches on the trail and beer stop. We were hoping she would need to feed the baby, but said she was at the nipple all afternoon. She also said, she "didn't have enough mother's milk for anyone else, so don't even ask, Basket."

Crotchy soon arrived and, as it was time, we started around the barricade. The first check sent most of the pack to the right, on the other side of the fence. Those of us WHO had a brain, went straight along the road. I was with WHO discussing the stupidity of going off to the right when the water would eventually force them back to the road again, but secretly thought that it was nice of them to make sure the trail led in this direction. We could hear their calls behind us, as maybe 6 or so, including Crotchy, came to a fence and field on our right. The bay was just over the rise and the trail was following the waterline.

The entire pack was now back together, running along the road when we lost flour again. Some ran ahead, some checked left and most right towards the beer stop WHO had set here, so many years ago. Crotchy was looking for an arrow she laid, but was having problems finding it among the many fallen leaves. I went back to see if we had passed it, but found nothing. Ahead, the pack eventually found it and went into the woods. I was with Amish and Heath and when we got to where the pack entered the woods, we didn't find flour. I assumed the pack was, blindly, following the Hare. We took the right and continued along a dirt road. Hearing the pack off to our left, I took the first trail going in that direction. Amish found flour farther down the dirt road and call me on, but I was already committed. Eventually I heard the pack and saw flour that led to some high reads along the water's edge. We were following deer trails that took us to the beer stop, at the point.

Beer and munchies were again consumed, as we sang many songs to our enjoyment. When the beer was finished, we started out to the paved road and back to the start. A dead deer carcass was found along the path and the Hare said they had seen many coyotes in the area. There was not much meat left on the bones, except for a small amount of flesh on the hoofs. Back at the cars we circled up on the other side of a fence. Rusty commented about how well we were concealed by the chain link and all wondered at his amazing perception. Crotchy represented both Hares, as the baby needed to get home, and she did so with aplomb. Comments were mostly negative by the regulars, "too much pavement", "too long", "too short", "not enough dead deer", "no shiggy", with OOzing saying the sailboat that passed us at the beer stop waived to him. The less experienced said they like it and would cum again. The run was rated a positive .69 and Crotchy had a down-down. Down-downs were given to Retar'd for Backsliding and the Two-timers had theirs. The discussion about WHO deserved the Hashit was lively and touched many deserving Wankers before falling on someone so not deserving, me. We then traveled to Gillian's Ale House for food and beer, before heading home after another suckcessful Hash.
That's all I got.