December 1, 2014, RIH3 Run # 1496
The Hairy Ball Hash
34 Everett Skinner Rd, Plainville
Hare: Hairy
Beer Wench: Luxury Box
Hashit: Rusty
Temp: 32 and dark
The Hounds: WHO, Ozzie, Rusty, Just PJ, Klingon, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Glutenless Maximus, Assquack, Luxury Box, Fecal Veneer, Fuwangii, POP, Next Week, Just Andrew, Crabby, Bondo, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Just Emily, Just Lauren, Just Casey, Sleeping Booty, Retar'd, Just Pat (Butler) and others lost to mammory.

You'll have to excuse me for the possible inaccuracies in this trash, as the Wanker that said he'd write it didn't. I know I've missed a few Wankers that were present, sorry, but if you'd like to make any corrections, I will add them later... so here goes nuttin.

The parking lot beside the sports fields was crowded with Wankers looking to get in a good jog and a beer or tree. Bondo, as usual, had his homey-brew flowing out the back of his truck and someone was passing around some store-bought IPA. There were a few virgins (?) and folks we haven't seen in a while, so conversation was brisk as I walked up to the pack. At 6:28, the Hare explained the marks to the virgins and made a comment about remember the river. The pack started out promptly at 6:30. Following the fence to an arrow leading us down through some heavy brush and trash, the trail was found along an old rail bed to our left. Donkey led the pack for about a half mile where a YBF was seen and called it out (supposedly). I was pretty far behind and as the pack started past me, I hear Just Emily say they ran out of flour and there was a river downhill. Remembering the Hare's remarks, I went downhill to see if they missed trail markings. Searching for about 5 minutes and finding nothing, I made my way back to the old rail bed and back towards the start.

As I got back to where the trail intersected with in incoming trail, I could see lights off to my right on the other side of a ravine. I decided to continue straight on the high ground and eventually saw the pack crossing in front of me and down to the river on my left. A few Wankers: Bondo, Klingon, and at least one virgin decided to say on trail rather then head downhill to a Whiskey Stop along Old Mill Brook. A bottle of Irish (?) was passed around and a few songs ensued before heading back up on trail.

The trail continued left and out to George Street, then back into the woods for a beer stop. Luxury Box added her hand in getting the beer delivered, so she would be happily appreciated at the circle. There was a good number of songs sung as the beer slowly evaporated. Soon we were back on trail heading back to the school and circle-up. The run was rated a negative .69, the Hares smartly finished a down-down and sung the Ballad of Lillian. Visitors and Virgins alike had a down-down, and it time for the nomination of Hashit. Donkey tried, in vain, to pass it on me for not turning around when he told me about the YBF. Unfortunately, due to my hearing problem, I missed his warning, if he did in fact say it. Others were more deserving, however as WIPOS for his twelve layer protection. Booty for her booty, WHO for being WHO, some smokers for puffing up the circle, and eventually if fell on Rusty for trying to nominate everyone else. He sang his 'Waaaa' song and closed the circle and headed to a pub nearby for grub and beer. Then we went home.
That's all I got.