December 8, 2014, RIH3 Run # 1497
Location: The Lodge, Lincoln Woods
Hare: Amish Ithead
Hashit: Sleeping Booty
Temp: Tit-biting cold and dark
The Hounds: WHO, Ozzie, Rusty, Just PJ, Klingon, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Glutenless Maximus, Assquack, Luxury Box, Fecal Veneer, POP, Next Week, Just Andrew, Crabby, Bondo, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Just Emily, Just Lauren, Just Casey, Sleeping Booty, Retar'd, Just Pat (Butler) and others lost to mammory.

You'll have to excuse me for the possible inaccuracies in this trash, as the Wanker that said he'd write it didn't. I know I've missed a few Wankers that were present, sorry, but if you'd like to make any corrections, I will add them later...(sound familiar/) so here goes nuttin..again.

The parking lot of the Lodge is a familiar start and one of Amish's (and Hairy's) favorite. Donkey complained last week that we hadn't been here all year, so the Hare decided to make that correction. He also pointed out that Donkey's recollections are starting to fail, like Basket's, because he had laid trail here last April. It was his second option as he did a recce somewhere new, but after searching for a short while for virgin territory and finding no good option, he settled on his old standby.

The pack started out promptly at 6:30, crossing Breakneck Hill Rd and into Lincoln Woods. A check was found along the old horse trail at the top of the rise. I continued on and went left, downhill towards the paved roadway. After a short while and not hearing the pack, I stood on a large rock looking for flashes of light from the pack on the tree tops. At some point, not hearing anything and deciding the pack may have turned around, I circled back down the road. There was lots of ice on the surface and I did a little skating downhill to where I came out of the woods. Suddenly, to my surprise, Bondo and Buddy came running behind me. He said the pack had continued on straight at the check towards the horse farm, so we ran up the road for a while. So I made my way back to where I had been previously and saw lights on the top of the hill to my left. I short-cut to the front of the pack and called back to Bondo, WHO was last seen walking along the road, uphill behind me.

The trail meandered out towards the bridge at the main gate on Manchester Print Works Rd. The pack was behind me and they found trail to my left as I started out with Ass Quack to our right. We followed a familiar trail, paralleling private property, towards the old foundations on the hill. I was searching around the stones looking for flour and a "B" just as I heard Crabby Shag squeal in ecstasy. She found the beer and called the pack on. Songs ensued and the beer was enjoyed. Last in was Klingon and WIPOS. Bondo was not seen or heard from and would not join us until the Circle. When the beer was finished, we made our way back on trail to the Lodge.

We bushwhacked our way uphill and crossed the road to circle up behind the Lodge. Comments were mostly complaints of breaking through icy paths and bushwhacking through thorns and other small whining from the pack. Bondo said he liked it as the The Klingon, Booty complained about falling on her arse on ice and someone said we'd run out of beer at the BS. It was all BS in the end, as I, truthfully, explained how it was just right for the weather and good company. Amish did his DD and sung 'The Engineer' song. Others got a down-down for just reasons and finally it came to naming Hashit. Once again Donkey tried to pin the tail on me, but Rusty pointed out the, most un-lady like, slip-sliding fall of Booty and it stuck. She drank her DD and sang a song. We then went into the Lodge where the staff asked where we'd been and took very good care of us. Then we went home.
That's all I got.