December 15, 2014, RIH3 Run # 1498
Location: Big River, near Stepping Stone Ranch
Hare: Alpacalips Now (aka Next Week)
Hashit: Donkey
Temp: Not bad for mid-December
The Hounds: WHO, OOzing, Rusty, Just PJ, Klingon, Donkey Punch, Pubic Housing, Glutenless Maximus, Fecal Veneer, POP, Amish, Just Andrew, WIPOS, Crotch Tiger, Just Lauren, Sleeping Booty, and others lost to mammory.

You'll have to excuse me for the possible inaccuracies in this trash, as the Wanker that said he'd write it didn't. I know I've missed a few Wankers that were present, sorry, but if you'd like to make any corrections, I will add them later...(sound familiar/) so here goes nuttin..again.

Finding the start was a bit of a problem. The Hare said to make a turn at the red barn. Unfortunately, the barn was a bit off the road, the road was dark and gloomy, and my red cone deficiency did not help the situation. For the tird time we've been in this area, I drove around like I had Alzheimers. I called the Hare, but go not reply. I called OOzing, WHO said he was turning onto Escoheag Trail Rd and would be along soon. I parked and waited for him and seeing a jeep pass by, I turned around and followed it past Stepping Stone Ranch. The jeep turned into a driveway and I realized it wasn't DP and PH, so turning around again, I saw a vehicle go left of the roadway on a dirt road. I followed behind and soon I was pulling up with the pack.

The Hare handed out UV lights and explained that the trail was set in UV invisible flour, that would be illuminated by the special lights he gave us. It was not easy carrying my horn, my regular flashlight and point the UV light at one time. The regular light blotted out the UV, so one had to point the light on the ground to see where the rocks were, and there were a lot of them, then point the UV light on trees and rocks not illuminated by the other light, to see the UV flour, and trying to hold my horn and not fall over the rocks was fun. If I break a hip and my age, they say I'll be dead in a year. Then WHO will do these fuckin' write-ups...Huh?

The trail followed the same path that Shemale laid here not too long ago. Up to a check at the bridge crossing the Wood River. Donkey and I crossed over looking for flour, but OOzng found trail going on a path heading to the left. Flour was soon found at the top of a hill and the beer was found in an old barn. It flowed freely as songs were sung. One song was Happy Birthday Basket and a special dual penis cake was enjoyed with the beer. Eventually, all things must end, so we headed back to the start.

The Hare got a positive .69 for creativity, but asked us to return our gift of light, so it was changed to a negative. He sang something to do with hashing or sex or drinking. With no virgins or visitors or backsliders, the Hashit was next. Donkey, again tried to pin the tail on me, but as often happens he was nominated and a rousing Aye ensued. He sang the Small Dick, Dina, My Sister's Vagina medley after his Down-down. Then we traveled to Dan's Place for food and beer. Then we went home.
That's all I got.