The First Hash of 2015
Run #1501, Jan 5, 2015
Hare: Fecal Veneer
Location: Big River, Hopkins Hill Rd, RI
Weather: Chilly, Dark but Dry
Present: Dr. WHO, Basket, Sleeping Booty, Just PJ, Rusty, OOzing, Bondo, Buddy, the Klingon, Amish, WIPOS, Just Kasey, Glutenless Maximus, Crotch Tiger, POP, Next Week, Just Lauren, Pubic Housing, Donkey Punch, Ass Quack and someone else, but I can't remember WHO. Oh yes I did.
Hashit: OOzing

As the pack gathered in the rocky parking lot off Hopkins Hill Rd, we watched as, one by one, the cars pulling into the sandy, now concrete solid, parking lot, as they negotiated the large boulders blocking their way to the parking area. Just Lauren was just about last in, when she, in a hurry to not miss this grand event, hit the largest of boulders with her undercarriage. It created a large scraping, crunching sound and almost brought her car to a standstill. She popped out unscathed and asked WHO put those fuckin' rocks there? I don't know why she would blame him, but I guess he's as good as anyone else.

There was one virgin/visitor, but I can't remember WHO, and the Hare explained the markings for them, just before pointing our way out on trail.

The pack followed closely until the first check, but it was quickly found out and continued on straight. A few more checks had the pack was spread out and confused. The FRB's were running like jackles while the turtles plodded their way along frozen ground, toward the south end of Tarbox Pond. Turning southerly, we entered the pine forest and found the Beer Stop among the trees. The beer as from Revival Brewery and tasty, was paired well with the orange food and songs. A light was seen off in the distance and all thought it was WIPOS. We tried keeping quiet, but that never works, unless I'm out on trail, and eventually the light turned out to be Glutenless Maximus and we all setteled down to serious singing and drinking. Eventually the beer was gone and we started back out on trail and bumped into WIPOS who was wondering lost in the wilderness. We made it back to the cars and circled up nearby. A 5 gal keg of Revival was brought out and discuss about the trail ensued. There were a lot of low numbers, but that always makes the final number go up...except this time. It was rated a negative .69 and the Hare sang a song of six pence. The Virgin and Visitor felt the full force of Sleeping Booty's Inquisition and answered all incorrect. DD's were given and they struggled for a song, but ended on something I hadn't heard before...too modern. Hashit was offered to a few but stuck with OOzing. He complained about it being stolen by Hairy the previous week and tried in vain to have it given to anyone else. It didn't so he's got it and I was hoping he'd do the trash....we'll see if there's two versions of the truth. Then we travelled to a new pub in Cranston before heading home for the night.
The That's all I got.