February 2, 2015, RIH3 Run # 1505
The Super Bowl Hangover Hash
Location: Beside a Snowplow in the Luxury Box Parking Lot
Pack: The Men: OOzing, Basket, Glutenless Maximus, and Fecal Veneer
The Ladies: Just Keri, Just Lauren, Just KC, Just Emily, Just Pheobe, and Crotch Tiger
Temp: Snowing, cold and snowshoe worthy
Hashit: OOzing

Crotch Tiger called me on my way to the Hash, to see if the location may have been changed, due to the storm. She was early (again) and no one was there. Not hearing anything to the contrary, I guessed that WIPOS was out on trail and said I'd be there in a couple minutes. The parking lot at the Luxury Box was just about plowed out, and after the bulk of the storm had dropped another foot of snow on another Hash trail. As I pulled into the lot, Fecal Veneer rolled down his window and said the bar was closed and wondered if WIPOS had changed the location. We checked with the plow driver and found a cleaned area for the pack to park. WIPOS arrived just as the Just's and Glutenless M were pulling into the lot. It was a surprise to see 6 ladies and only 5 Wankers at a RIH3, and in winter no less. Just Emily and I were on skis, OOzing, WIPOS, Just Keri and KC were on snow shoes and the others post-holed it.

Waiting a few minutes for some others to arrive and seeing we'd be on our own, at 6:35 we crossed the road towards Burrs Pond and the Runnins River. Fresh snow had covered up the Hare's tracks from his previously set trail. It was well marked with 2 inch sticky notes stapled to trees. Following a slight indentation in the 2 foot deep snow and the stickies, Fecal and Glutenless were making good progress, despite running in boots. At the first check, I went left and thought I saw an old set of tracks leading to the pond. The others went right and found trail heading up the hill overlooking the nature preserve. I was at the pond when I heard them calling, "ONON", and started uphill to join the pack. I did not realize how small this area was or I may have continued my course. We were all together at another check, where I went straight towards what turned out to be private property. Crotch Tiger and Glutenless found the trail heading back downhill through some thorny brush covered trail to the Runnins River. At the next check, I went left and picked up the trail going back towards the pond. I was just starting up the berm to the pond's edge, when the pack called me back for beer.

A few songs were sung as beer and cheesy food was enjoyed. WIPOS was working on starting a (small) fire. He had brought some chunks of a fire starting log and a backpack of dried wood. The fire was going full steam as the beers were almost finished. We could hear someone off in the distance, and thought it may have been Rusty, Ass Quack and Crabby when we heard some calling "OnOn". We decided to grab another beer and wait for them, and continued calling out to them. When no one turned up we thought It must have been some locals, WHO had heard us calling while, making our way to the BS. They were just repeating our call to the late cumers. We finished our beers, pissed on the fire and started back on trail. It was not marked, but WIPOS said to head in the direction to the pond and take one of the lefts towards the road. I retraced my previously laid tracks back to the pond and started across. The ice was not solid and I picked up snow on the bottom of my skis. A few of the pack followed me until Glutenless complained that I was taking them across the thin iced-snow covered water.

At the cars, we picked up the cooler and took it back into the woods. A circle was formed and the hare was given a .69 rating for snow, short trail, (somewhat) good beer, No: Bondo, WHO, Amish, WeeBalls, Donkey or Shemale. Additional positives were given for the quality of Bimbos and that nobody drowned following Basket. WIPOS finished his DD and sang a song that was short and stupid, and somewhat out of tune about pooftas. Since there were no visitors, virgins, or two-timers, Hashit was discussed. The Obvious would be to Basket for taking the pack onto thin ice, but OOzing won it. You may wonder why he's not doing this Hash Trash and so do I, but let's hope someday he'll find his courage to do one. We traveled back to the Dublin Rose for the second week in a row, enjoyed some food and beer then made our way home.
That's all I got.