Run #1507 on February 16, 2015
The Virgin Hares find Virgin Trail in No Snow, Foster/Glocester
Hares: The Justs KC and Emily (aka the Brown Girls-not a racial slur)
Weather:Brrrrr Effn Cold and Deep Snow
Pack: Donkey, Pubic, Crotch Tiger, Basket, Oozie, WHO, WIPOS, Rusty, Crabby, AQ, Amish, Fecal, POP, Shemale, Wee Balls, and O'Bone'R Hashit: Dr. WHO

The Hares gathered up all the keys in case the owners needed to get out of their driveway, but I would have loved to see that. There was no room and cars in every direction ass hole to belly button. After a short explanation of the marks, they pointed us down the road to the start. "The trail will be on the left just after the pile of wood on the side of the road, just past the barn, near the snow bank." The road was mostly thin snow left by the plows, over of ice veneer. Some just walked down the road, while Rusty, WIPOS, Shemail and Wee Balls put on their snowshoes, while Basket, WHO and OOzing slid along the side bank.

The trail was found and we made our way through the woods out to a field. A good check was found and most of the pack found their way left on true trail led by OOzing. Basket and Wee Balls went right to a false trail mark and a dead end. The pack was moving so slowly, that I was able to catch up to OOzing and we short cut around a turn to the right. Unfortunately, we were called back to the beer stop. We did not expect the trail to be so short, but inconsideration of the weather, it was very welcomed. The Beer Stop was in a large field, in about a foot and a half of snow. Those of us WHO kept our skis or snowshoes on, stood about a foot and a half higher that those WHO stood in postholes. POP looked like he was kneeling down and I almost asked him to give me a quick one, not that he would, but the thought did cross my mind.....MARCO

When the beer was finished, we made our way to a circle jerk in the woods and finally back on the same trail we came out on. The Hare prepared a stack of wood for the fire, but unfortunately the plows covered it up. After digging it out and carrying it back to the trail we started on, a fire was attempted. POP kept blowing on it and eventually it was enough to warm our shivering bodies. The run was rated a 6.9 for virgin trail, virgin Hare, good beer and orange food, a good snow cover. Negative were given for a short trail, shitty fire and too much snow. Overall, I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We made our way to The Bishop Hill Tavern and had more beer and sandwiches before heading home.
Basket (WHO?)