The Ski Hash Recovery
Run #1509, March 2, 2015
Hare: Rusty
Location: Wyatt Rd Soccer Fields, Middletown, RI
Weather: Cold, very windy and just short enough for an old fart recovery hash
Present: Dr. WHO, OOzing, Sister Sauna Snatch, Eticlit, Glutenless Maximus, POP, O'Bone'R, Ass Quack, Basket
Hashit: WHO

The Hare's effort in laying trail just a day after a long, tree day, debacle in New Hampshire was commendable, if not brilliant. The snow on the soccer fields showed little signs of any footballing. But outside the fence there were more than a few footprints packing down the snow. All led down the trail leading to the corn fields behind the pitch, and the pack took no time at making its way around the fence.

It was a small pack, in consideration of how many we've had recently. Not everyone WHO was at Rumney has the stamina of me and the few, the proud and the stupid. The Hare promised that it'd be short and he didn't promise that he'd do a great job...but it turned out perfect, not too long, good beer, non-orange food and quality Bimbos. The trail led out to the first field. Ass Quack and I went right (counter-clockwise) and the rest of the pack, found trail going left. I was on skis and shortcut across the corn stubs. Ass Q continued on straight. I found the flour on the opposite side of the field and followed it right leading the pack towards the corner, where AssQ was heading. A check sent me left into the next field, where the pack caught up to me and found trail going right. I followed far behind but I could see their headlights off the glistening snow. At the next check I went left again and found myself with AssQ coming back from a falsie. The pack was far off to our right and AQ said he thought there was an opening through the high briars that led to the adjoining field. There was an opening, but we had to navigate a very soggy stream. He quickly jumped over, but I had to take off my skis, give them a toss, then work my way through the muck and mire.

I could see lights coming from the left toward the field I was traversing and continued straight on, winding up in front of the pack again. They must think I'm Superman. The trail parallel Mitchell Lane and turned right towards the soccer fields. At the bottom of a small decline, I was picking up speed on my skis just as I saw the Hare unlading a bag of goodies for us. He had a couple jugs of beer from the weekend and a bag of snack mix. The rest of the pack arrived and we all enjoyed the fixin's. POP had a bit of a time stopping and slid by the Beer Stop by a few yards and had to come back. O'Bone'R found another opportunity to fall out of her snowshoes and land on her ass..again. Songs were sung and the beer enjoyed by all.

When the beer was finished, we continued around the field's fence to the cars. The Circle was formed just off the road beside some trees to hide behind. As we started giving our rating of the run, a car drove past. Rusty hollered out to pretend we're trees. Each gave his rendition, with WHO looking more like a German soldier at the end of the war. His hands were straight up, while the rest of us followed Rusty and took a more natural stance. The rating was a solid 6.9, and he got his DD and sang...."WAY"...... Accusations were given and WHO won with his tree impression. After more beer and songs, religion was sung and we adjourned to KJ's for much needed food and beer. The "Other" waiter served us and we all went home happily.
That's all I got.
OnOn Basket