Another Snow covered Virgin trail & Virgin Hare Hash
Run #1510, March 9, 2015
Hare: O'Bone'R
Location: Wenscott Reservoir Woods, Lincoln, RI
Weather: 20 something and light at the start
Present: Dr. WHO, Eticlit, Glutenless Maximus, Bondo, WIPOS, Fecal Veneer, Sleepin' Booty, Basket, Crotch Tiger and a friend of GM.
Hashit: Basket

It was a shit-covered Hash trail from start to finish. This was one trail O'Bone'R was not looking forward to fall over in her snowshoes. She failed, but found clean snow...somehow. the pack was small again, but a happy bunch of Wankers. The Hare laid trail in flour mixed with a small amount of orange cool aid. It was just enough so I would not be able to see the marks and guarantee I'd be Hashit by the end of the night. I brought two different skis of which one did not fit my boots, so I had to posthole the trail. WHO and Eticlit skied it, GM, WIPOS, and the Hare used snowshoes with the remainder were in boots. The trail started out from the lot and immediately found dog feces in the narrow packed down trail. This was found along the entire trail and we thought the Hare found a unique way of marking. It was hard to miss stepping on it, and I can only imagine what the bottom of those skis and snow shoes looked like the next day.

The first check took us left towards the houses on Angell Road. We crossed a stream bed and soggy marsh area, then followed the trail to a YBF. Making our way back through the swamp to the opposite side and very soon arrived at a picnic area on the lake and a Whiskey Stop. Jameson was enjoyed and some songs sung. I tested the safety of the ice and found it sufficient, but the trail did not go there. We packed up and followed the trail towards the cars, but took a left towards the lake again. Here beer was enjoyed with some proper orange food. It was still light, but starting to fade as we made our way back to the cars.

A circle was formed and the Hare received her down-down and sang a song she learned in school. The quality of beer was not terrible and mostly enjoyed by all. Accusations were tossed on everyone, but stuck on my for my mixed ski-f'up. It was just getting dark and it's nice to be able to not need lights again. Now if it only stops snowing and warms up a bit, we'll have some proper shiggy and bugs. We adjourned to a pup and then all went home.
That's all I got.