The National Doctor's Day Hash
Run #1513, March 30, 2015
Hares: Basket
Location: 301 Farum Pike, Smithfield
Weather: Warm at first, then cold
Present: Dr. WHO, Basket, Glutenless Maximus, Beautiful Bondo, O'Boner, WIPOS, Sleepin' Booty, Wee Balls, Two Polar Bears Fucking in the Snow, Pubic Housing, Fecal, Next Week, Ass Quack and POP.
Hashit: Wee Balls

You know when you have one of those Hashing nights, when you wake up in pain, thirsty, fries in your wallet, money gone and your last picture is of WIPOS. With that said, I will do my best to articulate Baskets hash, since I forgot I had Hashshit.

We started in non-virgin territory and as I pull into the lot, WIPOS is already gearing up for a snowshoes hash. For some reason AQ had another dog and Two Polar Bears Fucking in the Snow is starting to dress more like Basket. POP carried a pack with bricks in it, racist.

Now there was snow on the ground, but just enough to wet the ground and let us play in the mud. WHO does not like playing in the mud, like the song says "If your girlfriend smell like shit, roll her over".

We started off toward the river, turned back, did some bush whacking. At some point we lost Two Polar Bears Fucking in the Snow and then there was a Whiskey check. We continued up the power lines to the Beer Stop, all without seeing one trespassing sign, not sure how that was possible, but whatever. As we arrive Two Polar Bears Fucking in the Snow is at the beer stop looking for beer, which is on the Hares back.

We had three options of beer, High Octane, Blend, Normal. Now I believe this is what lead to the night ahead, someone must have switched up those lids because everything gets a little fuzzy from there. I remember lost in the woods on the way back following Basket, which I know not to do. Then I was following Bondo, not sure why. We circled up and the typical shenanigan ensued. I remember asking questions to the backsliders, but I was a backslider, so that occurred. Dr. WHO decided to grace us with his presence for one beer. We sang the masturbation song all the way through and I ended up with the Hashit. I am sure other stuff occurred, but I don't remember.

At the on-in I thought it would be nice to bring back the tradition of turning beer in to slime, apparently that is now frowned upon. So they stole my money and but fries in my wallet while I went to get a picture of WIPOS trying to get free Coors Light shwag. Dog Meat was nice enough to join us for dinner and there was pictures of Oozing family in the bar.

Doctor's Hash Pics