Run #1523, June 8, 2015
Location: Old Furnace State Park, S.Killingly, CT
Weather: Terrible: warm, sunny, not a drop of rain
Present: Dr. WHO, Glutenless Maximus, Basket, Crotch Tiger, Rusty, Krisco Kid, Crotch Tiger, Wee Balls, others?
Hashit: Sleeping Booty and the Seven Toys

Hi Ya'll

After driving forever from Newport, I finally made it to the RI hash in CT. Yeah, makes no sense to me either.

In any case, the crowd was gathering together except for Bondo who likes to stand off by himself. I think WIPOS may be rubbing him off, I mean rubbing one out....oh crap, you know what I mean.

A little after 6:30 we were off to find trail and beer. Trail was marked beautifully with no falsies. As usual, Rusty was quickly the front running bastard; however, he ended up back with the pack leaving WHO in the lead. Unfortunately for WHO, the hare decided to have an impromptu whiskey check at a beautiful stream running under the highway.

As WHO was running through the barren area where the trees had been razed, the rest of us partook in the second smallest ever bottle of Jameson (an airline bottle being the first). From there the trail was long and arduous, but with hardly any checks. There were a few checks marked as the elusive tit check only for me to find out later that they weren't meant to be as such. Lucky for the bastard in front me who got to see Booty's boobies, and luckier for me who got to see Crotchy's.

Shortly thereafter, I witnessed the amazing agility of Crotchy and how she must've come by her name only to see her a few seconds later slip on absolutely nothing and crash into a tree. She was fine, but WHO nearly lost his leg.

After running clear around the lake (at least that's what it felt like), we finally made it to the beer where you could see a beautiful cliff across the way that had been climbed upon the previous day by some of our group. Glutenless and myself decided that WIPOS must have been stalking them and decided he'd better lay trail there as he'd run out of time for anything else.

The beer was gone and it was time to move on bringing us to the end where we began. Circle was the usual. No virgins and just one backslider. And although I brought tasty treats to eat, I wound up with the hashshit for trying to be courteous, AKA leaving the circle. On after was somewhere with some of us attending. That story will have to told by another as I wasn't there.

Love Your's Truly, Sleeping Booty and the Seven Toys