Run #1528, June 22, 2015
Hare: Retar'd
Location: F.Gilbert Hills, Foxboro, MA
Weather: Hot and Humid
Present: Dr. WHO, Glutenless Maximus, WIPOS, Just Pat, Rusty, Sleepin' Booty, O'Bone'R, Crotch Tiger, OOzing, Crabby Shag, Ass Quack, Bondo and Buddy, Basket, 2 visitors from Northboro: Angry Pussy and Little Bear
Hashit: Basket

This was a shit-show from the beginning. The lot was too small for our group. It had a number of civilians already parked there and left little room for more than a dozen cars of the RIH3. One car with a trailer was parked up front and I don't know how he was going to get out, but the Hash decided not to block him in. Crotchy and O'Bone'R double parked beside Rusty and another vehicle. At least 5 cars were along the street, just off the pavement, and one or two had do drive down to the campground. It was after 5:30 when the dust cleared and Retar'd was planning to drive to the Beer Stop, when Rusty asked if there were any special instructions. "Oh ya, replied our Hare, "there's a Check Back and you go back 2 checks not marks." Good thing to know. Rusty made sure everyone knew he saved the day and the pack was off.

The pack crossed Mill Street and made its way around the Park Ranger buildings and under the first trail head. The trail led north on Wolf Meadow Road with just a few checks off the intersecting trails. There was almost to much flour, so it was almost impossible to get lost. I had to really work at it. Hairy and some very fit young ladies were leading the pack. I arrived to check #2 just as Ass Quack was returning from a long falsie. The pack moved on to check #3, where it went left on Wolf Meadow and I thought I'd try to short-cut on Rockwood Trail. I could no longer hear the park off my right and the sound of cars along Rte 495 started getting louder. I was following a double-yellow blaze trail when I came to a T intersection. Evidently I was on mountain bike trails and the sign indicated a 1.8 mile loop to the left and a 2.8 mile loop to the right. I went left and hoped I'd find another trail to take be back to Wolf Meadow before the 1.8 miles.

I was following a very rock narrow bike trail that took a steep meander through some high rocky bulges. Hoping one would be the Beer Stop, I called out and heard nothing. Eventually I took another trail to the left and it made it's way down hill to Meadow Rd. There I found a check pointing to my left. I followed it to the Beer Stop, where miraculously, the Little Bird song was in progress. It was goD awful hot and sweat was pouring into my eyes, but the beer was so good. Poor Buddy was chasing sticks and eventually Bondo put the leash on him, so he wouldn't have to carry him out.

The beer was finished and we started out walking back. It wasn't too long before we circled up along a trail on this side of Mill Steet, that was very close to the campgound. Hairy found a clearing with a wooden trellis. The trellis lasted most of the circle, only falling over once with damage. Pussy was able to reaffix the cross members and we continued the activities. The run was rated a positive .69 and was the highest Retar'd's gotten yet. There was plenty of beer, cheezy food and marks. Nobody got lost and everyone seemed to have a good time. The visitors sang a song or two and Hashit was bestowed on me for making a short trail long...again.

The OnOn was, again, at The Chieftan and, despite our best effort, they didn't throw us out. The food was adequate and the beer good. WIPOS made a short visit but left before we even knew it. The only downer was they were out of liver and onions....maybe next time we'll have to put in our order early.
That's all I got.