Rusty’s Off Island Hash
Run #1526, June 29, 2015
Hare: Rusty
Location: John H Chafee Nature Preserve, Boston Neck Rd, Saunderstown.
Weather: Beautiful 69 degrees
Present: Dr. WHO, Basket, Glutenless Maximus, Krisco Kid, WIPOS, Fecal Veneer, Just Kiki, POP, Sleepin' Booty, O’Bone’R, Just Michele, OOzing, Retard, SheMaleMan, Next Week, Just James, Ass Quack, Crabby and the barefooted wonder WHY Shit Toed
Hashit: O’Bone’R

Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiittttt? Rusty actually set trail off the Island? Miracles do happen. I knew it was going to be exciting when driving Just Michele over the Newport Bridge she squealed, “I’m leaving the Island!!!”

Anyways… the pack met up in a very scenic parking lot close to the meeting time. Upon inspection of the Hare’s bloody scratched up legs we all made sure we had our shiggy socks on. He claimed it was from “football” but like most tings Rusty says, no one believed him. Apparently a chalk talk was also given but no one listened. Especially about a warning to shortcutters, which SheMale didn’t hear, Hendrix didn’t hear it either because THE DOG IS DEAF.

Pack was away exactly at 6:30 and set off in the direction of the water. Hendrix decided to immediately mark the trail to make sure we all knew where we were going. It wasn’t too long on trail when I heard the pitter patter of barefoot feet. Public Enema came zooming by barefooted as always. And just as short as this paragraph, we were at the beer check.

Songs were sung, beer was drank and even better… No She Male Man! He then did show up and we decided to leave. With the promise of another beer check (LIES) we set off again. There were some prickers which some people went right through and some smarter people went around. We found ourselves back at the cars.

Hare was called into the circle and was rated for a short trail/ no trail/ too much flour. And surprisingly enough sang Manana. Shocker. Also a shocker Enema stepped in something barefooted. Just Michele, Next Week and She Male were called in for Backsliding and Just James as a Two-Timer. Something went on with Basket’s horn that I would rather block from my memory.

Enema was thrown out of the circle and renamed in RI as Why Shit-Toed (Toad).

And Oozing and I were put in the circle for it being our birthdays. Happy birthday to us! After this trail, I do feel one year closer to death.