The Worst Hash of 2015
Date: August 9, 2015
Run: 1532
Location: Tird Speed Bump on Pocasset Lane, Johnston, RI
Hare: Foecal Veneer
Hashers: Basket BoomBoom, Rusty da Turd, Krisco Kid, Sleeping Booty, Dr WHO, Amish, Crouching Pussy Sleeping Arsehole, Oozing, O’Bone Her, Glutenless Maximus, WIPOS, Just Heidi
Virgin: Just Kim(well, kinda, since she was at Baskets in NH last year.

It has become somewhat of a Rhody Hare tradition to warn off prospective hashers to their runs. Threats of long trail, shite beer/trail, shiggy,bugs etc. It has also become somewhat of a harrier tradition to show up, and wear the shiggy, poison ivy, blood etc as a badge of pride.

And so it was that the hare, either in complete oblivion to the above, or as a genius masterstroke, announced that he made no effort whatsoever at setting trail, and implored the hash not to show up. But show up we did. The hare did not disappoint. This run was the shortest run of the year.

And despite seeing chalk marks near the entrance to the apartment complex, the pack went off in the opposite direction. Bondo’s classic trails around his house seemed like marathon slogs in comparison. Sure, there was an eagle/turkey split(and Rusty shamefully ran the turkey), but the eagle trail, was, er, a turkey in everything but name.

Oh yeah, the beer check was cleverly set in a wet, briary run-off behind above apartment complex. And true, I’ve never heard more f-bombs from Crotchy’s mouth.

And yes, the circle was in a cool little dumpy/quarry behind the apartment complex to save the hare from getting evicted. Alas, the run still sucked!

Down-downs to the hare, virgin and returnees Amish and Just Heidi.

Hashit to Oozing. No idea why.

Time it took you to read this write-up already longer than to run this trail.

OnIn at the Brutopia…..