Run #1543, 10/26/2015
Retar'd Holloweenie Hash
Time: 6.30 pm Location:Wild Colonial, Providence
Weather:Scarily pleasant and dark
Hare: A Retar'd Clown
Present: Dr WHO as a Ramones Punker, Oozing the Paxican, Assquack-Gandolf the White, Sleeping Booty-sexy something, Sister Sauna Snatch-Elsa, Shemale Man-WHO Knows, Eticlit-Anna, Just Mike not the Hobo but Mexi, Amish-Alpine Guide, Hairy-Wolf Boy, Crotch Tiger, O'Bone'R, Kinky Boobs, Santa Clit, Just Heidi, Fecal Veneer, Luxury Box, and Mike the Hobo. Hashit: Hairy the Scary Wolf Boy

Once in a city called Providence there ran a family called the Hash House Harriers. The silliest child was Sleeping Booty and the oddest was Dr. WHO. They all loved their Wild Colonial. They were very happy until Cerberus came and peed on trail. The trail was a mess. They had to run away. In every direction. All that was left for Sleeping Booty was Gandalf the God costume and all that was left for Dr. WHO was the Deviled Egg. The trail leader only had a Backwards clown costume. The Amish only had a Lederhosen green pair of socks left. They all put these clothes on.

They were very tired after a while so they sat down to rest and 69 hours, later a Knight with long sword passed by. They told him about the Cerberus and he invited them to the beer. The only problem was that it was in Hobo Mike's bedroom. So they said, "Mike ! Chill!"

They came to a tiny check and near a street called Fatbelly's they saw a Teen Wolf looking very awesome. He was Fucking awesome. They invited him to come with them and he did. They found an old check mark, It was a mess, but they decorated it all. The Shark painted the outside and the Mexicans painted the chairs.

Trail made as much sense as this write up.