Ski Hash Recovery
Run #1560, February 22, 2016
Hare: Crotch Tiger
Time: 6.30 pm Venue: Lincoln Woods Weather: Full Moon.

Pack: Dr. WHO, Just Pat from RI, Rusty, Sleepin' Booty and her two crutches, O'Bone'R, Crotch Tiger, OOzing, Crabby Shag, Ass Quack, Misses Pussy, Basket, PG, Amish, Visitor, Wee Balls
Hashit: O'bone'R

It's been a long time since we've been to Lincoln Woods. A long time. As memory serves me, all the waaaaaay back to the end of November. Now my memory (especially the past few days) has not been the greatest, but I'll give it a go.

Pack started out in a never before used location in the back of the Lodge parking lot. Tales were told of the Ski Hash. Again, I know my memory as not been great lately but these were ALL LIES!!!! SLANDEROUS LIES! I took a lovely nap up in Rumney and that's the story I'm sticking with.

Pack continued to grow with the MADE UP AND UNTRUE tales of Ski Hash and more people showed. Perhaps they liked some of the FICTIONAL ACCOUNTS of what CERTAINLY DID NOT HAPPEN or they came for the promise of warm beer and short trail. Either way, 6:30 exactly and we took off in a never before used route across Breakneck Hill.

Pack followed a few checks through the woods, a few false trails and some trails that I know have never been used before. We came upon some shiggy and pack split up some choosing to go through and some around it.

Eventually the beer was found, which was quite an interesting and warm selection. Luckily, the beer selection was saved by PG showing up with brownies! This should happen every week. Then something magical happened... the full moon began to rise. It was a beautiful sight. Even under the dangerous condition of moon burn (especially for Rusty) songs were sung and no one fell off the rocks. More LIES LIES LIES were told of Rumney as well.

We made our way back along a different way that we've never done before and circled up in the back of the Lodge again. This time Booty joined, Booty, who didn't do trail but still fell. Leftover beer from Ski Hash was had or at least I think there was beer there.

The short of it... beautiful full moon and I remembered being at circle. Winning.